Saturday, July 28, 2007

Top 3 selected teaser

Just received this from Mr Mo, That flashing gum shield needs to bring out its
own video. Looking forward to seeing the final version, should be on our screens next week so keep your eyes locked to the music channels.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I went to Jammer’s launch party last Friday and I stood there mystified
when a certain emcee called Badness came out with several prejudice
remarks in several of his bars. I’ve supported this artist for quite a while,
even though he probably doesn’t even know who I am; I’ve recommended
him to a good few nights in and out of London. Although when someone
shouts in the middle of a rave “Chi-chi man fi dead, dead, Chi-chi man fi dead”
and people start cheering and flapping their gun fingers about… something
must be wrong!? Surely? Maybe the crowd had no clue of what he was saying
or maybe they did and thought it was a fun thing to say, yeah yeah great… kill
all the gay people, yeah that’s fun! I don’t care where he’s from or what
background he’s originated from something so ignorant, with lyrics saying
someone should die for a reason that doesn’t even concern him, shouldn’t be
even on that stage. Comparing his hate comments is exactly like say, Devlin
or Scratchy jumping on the mic and shouting “Muslim’s fi dead, dead, black
people fi dead, dead” or if Badness had swapped the chichi part for – white
people or English people ‘fi dead’. It would be deemed completely and utterly
outrageous and would most probably see them getting shot/ murdered soon
after. Is this some sort of reflection of the society that we live in that
homophobic lyrics can get reloads and people getting happy off of it? That
someone can just walk on stage scream extreme remarks just like Badness did
and walk off with cheers; surely we’re not living in Nazi Germany right now?
Grime as we know talks about violence in practically every bar but there’s a
time when things just go too far and there’s no justification for it. There’s no
oh that’s his ‘culture’ or ‘that’s what he believes’… or ‘other people say it too’
(Other people jump off bridges, would you do that too?), ‘In the bible it says
this….’ (Not too long ago the bible was used for excuses for all types of madness
and still is, what every happened to Love Thy Neighbour?). I’ve talked to a
number of people in the scene about this, most of them laugh or try and make
up some mad excuses to cover his back, but there’s no excusing it in my eyes.
The scene’s audience is predominantly young and easily influenced, ‘artists’ or
whatever they are calling themselves these days need to realise this and set an
example rather than using their power to push extreme views. Obviously
everyone has their own opinions and every one of you has the right to say and
voice what you feel just like I am right now but when you go out your way to
make a bar about it then damn you must have issues, maybe he is gay and in
a weird sense hating on it to make it less obvious? Grime’s audience is gradually
getting bigger and being heard by new ears, everyone has the right to enjoy it
without being told they should be hung from the nearest tree for their personal
private life. If you’ve got a mature comment to make please feel free to comment
on this topic, I’d like to know what the readers of this blog think. I for sure know
I want nothing to do with any sort of artist, It may just be music but I have my own
morals and won't let some mc stand in the way of my principles that everyone deserves
to be happy.

I'm going to do a Martin Luther King and boycott his dusty beard, Badness
is pure air in my eyes.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ghetto - Top 3 Selected Video Shoot


Popped down to the 'Top 3 Selected' video shoot at the weekend,
thanks to Mo... and it's looking very fresh, heard it should be on
our screens in the next couple of weeks. Also look out for RWD's
behind the scenes of the shoot, expect colourful gum shields.
I took loads of video footage but I didn't want to give away
everything so here's a couple teasers.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Dirty Canvas TONIGHT

Front - Green & Purple

Make sure you are down there, E1 > RHYTHM FACTORY> @ 10 otherwise I won't buy you a drink.

Magic and Dave are stars.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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