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Catching up with Ghetto


I caught up with Ghetto, who was the only grime act performing, in Trafalgar Square earlier on today were he featured on the line up for the 2012 Olympic Launch. They had several small domes which featured some random games along with the music dome which amplified his music outside to the rest of the surrounding areas and walkers by who soon started to gather outside and gave him an applause (please note no other acts got this - they got air). While I was with him I also got to catch up with him on the P Money situation, Freedom of Speech and the UK version of grills.

What's the Situation with Pmoney?
2007 was a very good year for me, I made movements into my next steps in my career. At the end of 07 I was thinking to myself and gave Unique the call, Devlin the call and everyone else around me to say 'Next year, what are we looking to do?' and a lot of plans were made. We're bringing out a F*ck Radio - the best of, my album will be coming out, the movement should be doing an album this year, the MTM series of mixtapes and Freedom of Speech is out in February. I'm doing all of this and not once did I think of that guy you just named. I'm doing 08 with out you mate.

What was your reaction to the reply?
I just expect it because I say these type of things in my own bars, if you talk to my real fans they will say he says stuff like that in his bars (screams with hand movements) "You wanna be big? I'm that n*gger that you have to defeat" I say sh*t like that like you have to come and test your skills against me. I don't know man, I don't know what these guys are thinking.

Will you be replying?
I know what people will say if I don't reply, 'Ghetto's shook' - name 5 Pmoney songs right now. you have 30 seconds. *countdown* (we all shout out one track). Imagine this guy has a mixtape out and nobody cared about it but you've received a bigger impact by sending for Ghetto than your mixtape. You've got to re-evaluate the situation and realise that is a problem. Ghetto Gospel big impact! Freedom of Speech before it's even come out - Big impact!

Why would he reply if he knew that what you was saying on Westwood wasn't an indirect?
He gave me a call and asked if I was sending or whatever but you have to realise who I'm warring with and why I'm warring with them. See me and Skepta, we can have a war and you know why? because on both sides there's things we can gain. Skepta has a very big fan base and so have I and our fan bases are completely different. So when he's warring with me what he is actually doing is tapping into my fans and I'm tapping into his fan base. We're both gaining from the wars and plus we both have CDs out and CDs coming out, that obviously insures more sales. You tell me hypes, what has P Money got coming out? *Hyperfrank shrugs* well I've got Freedom of Speech out.

Ghetto slapping buttons in his spare time.

Do you see it as some sort of weird trend that to get hype/ more hype around their hype/sell more mixtapes/albums they just send for you?
That used to work, because people have seen it work time and time again. When I came out of jail I sent for Wiley, Titch came out of jail and sent for Dizzee and people send for people that they're not bigger than. Listen that was 2003/2004 that's not working now, you see the fans they've clocked - like "no you can't do that no more, we don't care about that, what are you trying to do? GO and make an album man." The fans don't really care about it anymore so there's nothing I can really gain from this. This year I'm looking to make an album and take this to the next step and I said to Unique that I want to do this so bad like I just want to jump in the war and man is saying to me "you do that and you're never going to learn, you'll be here next year 09 doing the same thing because what, someone said something about you? You think you have to swing it out but, why? You have nothing to gain, go to the next step, you don't have to prove you're better than him, you sell more than him. Everything he does you do more, say if he died tomorrow what would they say about him? What would the grime scene say when asked what has he done? Featured on a couple of mixtapes. What has ghetto done?.... exactly. I just want to make my album, make my mixtapes and I want to war with the top guys. Right now our careers are shaped differently like you've got to get a name this year and I have to get more money this year and move on. My days of trying to get a name are long gone, I've just got to keep doing what I'm doing. Me taking time out for my man there and really my first album isn't even out yet, it's 2008 and I've been in the game for 4 years now. Taking time out to write for my man and my first albums not out is a mad ting, it's not making no sense.

It used to be Wiley who had that job, but it seems in some way you've taken that position (Sending for hype) have you taken the crown and top spot (King of grime) along with that as well?
Everyone says that but really that is just debateable because if I went through my phone and called every mc today and said let's do F*ck Radio, do you know how many mcs would turn up? Only the youngers because you see when people say they are the best, they say it but their self belief isn't there they don't really think that. You can call Ghetts any time of the day and if I have something to gain, like Wiley could call me today and say let's go sing it out on the airwaves and I'll think yeah! You know why? Because I think yeah that's going to be great, it will be good for the scene and people would love to listen to it. I'm not losing anything and they aren't losing anything, if anything we are both gaining something. You said that i've taken Wiley's place in regards to people sending for me, I have and I thank Wiley because I've learnt from his mistakes. His mistake is noticing everyone and sending back from them, I even told him yesterday that when I came out of jail and sent for him, he never needed to send for me - but he did and he f*cked it up!

Ghetto skipping

Does it get annoying when the only come back mc's have in clashes is to compare you to Kano?
It doesn't annoy me, I tell you what would annoy me is if people kept thinking of new things to say then it would be a problem. Did you not hear what Wiley said? Did you not hear what he said, I'll just come with something like 'You're typical, that's so unoriginal' then what you going to say then? Don't say that Kane stuff because Kane is himself and he doesn't even say it so who are you to say it? Man doesn't even need to start getting into clones and that.

You heated up Dirty Canvas so much that fire fighters rushed the bouncers (no hovis). You hype clashed Jammer and slaughtered him but who won the 'Watch the Skank' battle between you and Tempa T?
Tempz is a little skankers, we had a little skank battle still but I'm the guy when it comes to skanks. I won that it's normal.

Is there a date set for Freedom of Speech's release?
Expect that February.

Any new Video's to be expected?
I've got a whole Videology planned. I've also got a DVD coming as well, when they see me say that I know people must think 'Ahh! another DVD, we're gonna hear people saying yeah my tings coming out this year - and it don't come out' Just a bag of artists chating sh*t about when they're sh*ts dropping. No one wants to see that. I took the DVD way back to when you used to feel hype watching Eskimo Dance and you see all those wheels and everything. Them types of DVD's were action packed and that's what mine is, it's got me running on bare mcs and proving why I'm that guy and bare shows because nobody wants to see me talking about what I have coming out, it's bare music, bare action and no violence.

Is there anything to be expected after Freedom of Speech?
I have the whole MTM (Money's the motive) series coming out, my man's got Tunnel Vision and what not, this is my series. If it isn't money and I don't mean P then I'm not involved. Justification of J. Clark has to come out because if it doesn't I might as well quit. See how I done Freedom of Speech with Lewi White, I've wanted to do one with Rapid which is in talks. Me and Wiley are talking aswell about possibly doing a CD where it's us basically back to back. I'm trying to do this thing and man are trying to make a name off of me which is cool because it's a game and that's how it goes, I respect that and he ain't a swag mc I'm not going to lie and stand here and say he's a swag mc because that would be lying. This situation is good for him but people say similar things like 'ahh you spit fast like Ghetto so you could never be big when Ghetto's the guy' and you spit fast as well so you think you have to take Ghetto out. I done them things, exactly what he's doing but I just done it in a different way and that's why I'm still here today.

The most recent fuck radio, your birthday set, was one of the best of 07, are there plans to do any more?
Of course, Fuck Radio - The return.


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