Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chippy Chip Chip Chippy has been busy

DSCF1380small copy

Showcasing a variety of hat condoms and freestyles over the last couple of months. He's not doing too bad is he? I think he's lost some of his roots, I mean he's not even bringing and of his family through. I was hoping to see Alvin and Simon on his mixtape or even pop down on his many, many westwood freestyles. I think I may of heard some of their singing features on a couple Wretch tracks and Black the ripper's Missing You, was easily their best so far.


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  2. Anonymous9:01 PM

    chipmunk is far from the best , he dnt evn reach my top 20 and no1 ova 18 rates him also tell him 2 stop cattin flows off kano,ghetto,skepta,wiley,frisco and i c hes got the drive but its a bad ting man aint got the talent he need 2 stop sukin his own dick

  3. Anonymous12:34 AM

    shitmunk is waste, man got nuttin decent or new to say in his bars, always the same.....im dis im dat, plus cats flows. true he a grafter but far from fire.... alie!

  4. Chippy has got some potential but nows the time to develop himself as an artist.

    He's the best out of the youngers but still cant really hold a torch to the older lot.


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