Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The champagne usually bubbles...

Bring out the bubbly

Wiley - Wearing My Rolex is currently number 7 in the midweeks and is looking to chart this weekend although it's all down to us for it to jump to a higher position. Wiley is up against old lady Madonna who has 4 minutes to die and Sam Sparro's Black & Gold to name a few. It has also been revealed that Boy Better Know will be releasing their album VIP on 7th July. VIP will consist of around 12 tracks including Wearing My Rolex, Rolex Sweep (released as the second single on 30th June)and remixes of Doin’ It Again (Duppy) and Boy Better Know. Let's hope it stops there with the electro influenced dance tunes and we have a decent amount of gritty grime on there. Read the full indepth interview by Blackdown with Skepta about the Boy Better Know album, the Rolex sweep and performing to 5000 people.

The digital release is out now so head over to ITUNES and if you enjoy the track contribute 75p to support Wiley in his quest to storm the charts. The physical release is out monday so if you want a CD to add to your collection make sure to head down to your local HMV to pick up a copy aswell. I've got mine, have you got yours? If you have a fetish for foxes then you can also buy the video for £1.89. (It was number 1 in the Itunes video chart but old madonna pushed him down to No2, how sad, who would of thought Wiley would of went down for Madonna)


  1. "It has also been revealed [by RWD] that Boy Better Know will be releasing their album VIP"

    NO EGO ting, but I 'revealed' this almost two weeks ago:

    dont diss my excluse ;)

  2. No disrespect intended just a quick thing put together at my dads (because my internet is loose and computer keeps over heating) after hearing he was 7 in the midweeks. Will fix and give credit where it is due.

    I asked skepta the other day if he could teach me the Rolex Sweep and film it. But he layed me off with an excuse... :( What am I suppose to do with my life now?

    I may phone C.A.L.M

  3. Anonymous4:58 PM

    your prayers are answered:

  4. WILEY NUMBER 4!!!!!!!!


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