Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I could be in the desert with lions and tigers fam that is what people don't understand.

After the Wearing My Rolex video was unleashed on us like some sort of deadly virus, it was that painful, rumours and random humorous scenarios have started popping as far a field as Japan and The Sun, about why he walked off set. "The producer and MC has such a severe case of vulpophobia – the technical term for a fear of foxes – that he left the shoot before a single frame with him in it could be taken." What The Sun will do for a news story has just been pushed to bizarre levels. For all of you who don't know exactly what to believe, MTV has been giving a documentary of the making of the video and has apparently got the whole 'hissy' fit as well as behind the scenes footage of the half santa clause half fox dressed girls dancing about like muppets. They should have done the macarena I mean the Rolex Sweep. Let's just hope they air the programme.

This is possibly one of the funniest 'phone jacket' type videos I've seen in a long time. Especially when all the lions and tigers pop up, he's a L.O.N TIGER. This is why I love Wiley.

Kano: Dropped a great album, Home Sweet Home in 04. He went away for a while and popped back up again with a balder, wider and squeaky clean but no way near slicker than your average Craig David and started pointing in the crowd saying This is the girl that I want. The only person that would care about that is your girlfriend Kane, then after that terrible submission in cheese and pineapple sticks he gave us London Town. ZzZzZz. He left/got dropped from 679Recordings and for some reason this issue keeps getting jumped around more than hopscotch. He's recently released Mc No1, slightly ironic that he didn't come top3 on Top3 Selected and is calling himself no1 - wow, is full of freestyles over Souljah Boy and P*ssyhole type instrumentals. However let's not give up just yet, 140 grime street is set for an independent release this year and Davinche, Skepta, Rapid and Mikee J are confirmed on production and a track from Maniac is in talks. Come back to us Kano... please it's your Home Sweet Home.

Frisco & Ghetto at Dirty Canvas

I've been meaning to finish my Dirty Canvas and Chockablock review but haven't found the time to completely finish off uploading the videos and photos. Frisco jumped on in the middle of Ghetto performing Who's Got and Griminal took shots (not literally) at Jammer in an It's Alot battle for life and death (sort of).

Rinse04 - Skepta Artwork

Rinse are on to a winner with these compilations which has so far featured sets from Geeneus (Rinse: 01), Skream (Rinse: 02), Supa D (Rinse: 03) and now we have Boy Better Know managing director, Skepta for the 4th volume. DJ Offkey is back with a bag of dubs for us, with a collection of bangers from himself: Tingles, a remix of Skream's Midnight Request line, along with Thrown In The Bin and Tropical influenced Work Days. Along with current tracks circulating the vocal and instrumental sets, double the trouble Double S From Day, Silencer's drunken scuffle outside the club - World War 4 and fully grown Frisco's Skeng man Mode. Although it is mostly Boy Better Know orientated this is definitely a must have and relevant edition within the Rinse collections. Release date: May 12th 08. (Available from everywhere they sell CDs)


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