Monday, April 21, 2008

The Pimp Suit arrives at Dirty Canvas

Dirty Canvas gave Jammer's Are You Dumb vol3 launch party a platform to give us a damn good show. To be fairly blunt, the night wasn't what I expected it to be and apart from some short hype moments it was a little disapointing. There wasn't the usually pack of Are You Dumb street teams throwing cds at you to buy, which I was weirdly looking forward to since I haven't got the first AYD. Jammer attempted to battle out with his own costume legendary title, which he gave a good beating to with his zebra printed, purple pimp suit. WoW.

Logan Sama and Vectra as always gave a great show but the complete let downs were the mcs, if you could even call them that, who were only there because they had some affiliation with Jammer and not because they actually had talent. Sounds like half of what the grime scene is mad up off. Jammer and broken armed C Gritz gave us an Are You Dumb medley and everyone could see me skanking the night away to Shake It, which is possibly my favourite track on the whole mixtape until I heard Wonder's 25th. Then as Jam and Gritz shared the mic around and eventually walked off stage, was when it felt like what a nursery school open day would sound like. Luckily through the set which felt like it went on for hours, it was that painful, Dot Rotten popped up and shot back the hype (The Eskimo bar went down very well).

Skepta dropped in and gave us an explosive performance where at one point he was spitting and was getting poured champagne into his glass. It sounds like nothing but when you was there it felt like how the Rolex Sweep would look like without the influence of Nu Brand Flex and the Macarena. Everyone got back on stage and Jammer joined Skepta on continuing the Are You Dumb selections. Everyone was on a Skankin' ting, I was standing next to a grown man (21years easily old) who when Skepta touched the mic would stamp violently up and down on my toe and scream like he was doing an impression of a 3year old girl. Is that what grime does to people? WOW.


  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    you can have my AYD 1 it aint worth the dust its gatherd

  2. Anonymous10:02 AM

    That was me. Cheers for lending me your toe for the evening...


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