Thursday, April 17, 2008


It's a par
Griminal, Jammer in full costume and Tempa T

Tempa T - It's a Par

The It's Alot quarrel continues with an unsuspecting warrior ready to catch anybody out on a d*ckhead ting. Tempa T dropped in to say his piece about the hype between Jammer and Griminal over the slang word It's Alot. As it appears, Griminal made a track with the title (which is on is free downloadable mixtape Not Just Bars Vol1) then several long months later Jammer made a track, yes labelled the same with the word rotating in the chorus, along with Double O, Badness and C Gritz (which can be found on Are You Dumb 3) with the additional concepts of promotional t-shirts and a video. In the effect of this, Griminal wrote a direct slew on his vicious verse on Freedom Of Speech's Threats - "Man wanna copy the sh*t that I write, now it's got grim on a hype ting again, one or two guys I'm not liking again, Jammer don't want me fi start writing again, you're not heavy! Marcus banged you already, what!? Wanna fight him again?" At the last Dirty Canvas Jammer tried to take out Griminal with the It's Alot bars but Grim touched on the Threats bars and the whole crowd, which I was entangled in, as possibly Double O would describe - up in the air. Later on though Griminal was waiting for the mic again and kept getting held back from it, which was obviously frustrating him, and all you could hear was Tempa T shouting "Parring guys... Parring guys...". Griminal just walked off. Wow. Video evidence here.

It's not exactly new information that Jammer, who as we know left Nasty Crew on not exactly great terms with Marcus Nasty, who is of course, Griminal's older brother. It seemed to explode fully when Marcus came out of prison hearing that Jammer had been talking his name. Now Tempa T is involved, stating his point that the phrase is actually a Slew Dem slang term and both of them are hyping for nothing when it should be him moaning about 'stealing' a word. I just literally wasted 10 minutes of my life talking about a word that actually doesn't even exist. Wow.


Bashy - Kidulthood (Maniac Production)

This track is from the official soundtrack of Adulthood and is just another damn reason why Maniac is one of grime's leading producers and he's like what 13? Ok he's more like 18 but he's young and overly talented, Bashy must of felt like a kid in a sweet shop with the potential of this production. Bow E3 is a classic, in 10 years time it will be sitting next to Oi, Pow and Pulse X. Is that a statement I'm going to regret? possibly, but it's a certified banger so shatap, shatap, shatap.

Chipmunk, Double S, Shalo and Anisa - Lets Change

I really like these reflection type of songs, especially coming from up and comer Chipmunk and Double S. Too many productions are too all over the place to evoc some deep emotions out of an mc, but this track clearly shows the balance. I do a lot of the time find it so ironic, when mcs have these tracks that give such a positive message, which usually involves how we should all change and how bad things are, but the next song on their mixtape is talking about how big their gun is, how much drugs they shot, how many girls they use & abuse and . Not that I'm saying you can't discuss these types of issues in a song but it's impact as a whole is minimal and plain confusing. Much of the time it looks like a token reflection or positive concept that you just scraped together so your project doesn't sound too negative. We're not exactly all 100% angels but talking about how you'll kill someone with a knife/gun and then the next song you're saying how we should stop killing each other takes the deeper meaning away and the attention is concentrated on the lyricists insane double standards. That's my moaning over for at least one post, great track though Chip, Double, Shalo and Anisa.


  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    It's alot is just a phrase, shouldn't be beef about who uses it..
    Bashy tune is big, but not to keen on let's change. Never really to keen on those songs, unless they really have a lot of meaning in them..

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  3. I first hear it used by JME, when he went up on Logan's show last year, using 'its alot' every other second.

    does anyone ever 'start' or actually 'own' these expressions?

  4. I have to agree aswell Blackdown, JME was the guy was always saying it and who was the first person I heard say it.

    It's not like the phrases have copyright and even if they were who cares if people use it or make songs from a word!? it's all a bit
    pointless and childish but hey least it's hyped things up a little.

  5. Shayden3:20 AM

    I don't think Chipmunk or Double S have any songs where they basically glorify how they are gun weilding youth, sell the most drugs or anything along those lines Hyperfrank. At the most they talk about what they go through in society and what they've seen. Funilly, you interviewed Double S for the February Digital Outbreak and in that interview he clearly states that most artists talk about their guns & what their road activities are etc. and how he comes with a different approach showing how music is his hustle & how he doesn't want to be on road & selling drugs etc. These youth grew up in one of the most deprived areas in London known as Tottenham & have been exposed to everything that most teenagers have been exposed to, they don't glorify it, they cover it in their lyrics, its where they live. I don't think their is any song on League of My Own that glorifies negativity and there shouldn't be any of that on Money's The Motive either. For them to make a track like this is a good approach, as they manage to pull it off quite well without sounding like preachers "I ain't tryna be a preacher or tryna be a teacher, I'm just tryna use rhymes to clean the streets up".

  6. It wasn't an indirect to Double S or Chipmunk. It was more a comment about how some people go about making these type of tunes, which seem tobe just token tracks so they don't come across like all they can do is make 'violent' music. I'm aware of the music both Chipmunk and Double S have come out with, if you notice the comment after my moan I actually say I enjoyed the track. It seemed quite passionate, rather than artificial.

  7. Shayden5:55 PM

    I know, I totally understand your viewpoint. In fact I agree wit what you are saying. Most people were making more or less the same comments on the youtube page. But I feel that people might get the wrong idea & stereotype them like the whole Roll Deep & their Badman situation. I HAVE heard Flowdan talkin' about gunshots etc in his lyrics "boom, boom, bare shot man-a beat" , for them to turn around & do a project wit Trident seems a bit WTF. But these man are who the youth actually listen to & relate to, what you explained has nothing to do wit them particularly. I just think your comment will give readers the impression that you are referring to Chip, Double & Shalo particularly.

    On another tip, I liked Maniacs tune for Kidulthood. Bashy manages to deliver the vocals quite well with a theme that relates.

  8. Tempz is boring man
    Just show much hype bars
    Would be good for a shubz
    but not for radio, i dont feel hype when he does them.
    Also to add to your bit about the word "its Alot"
    On Ghettos Birthday set he said
    "Its Alot ITs Alot .... i borrowed this from Josh now one clocked"
    Shows that Griminal has been claming this word for a long time. Im waiting with anticipation for Griminal to come back to Tempz

  9. Ashton12:42 AM

    Ghetto also says that bar on his Fuck Radio birthday set. "Yo! Its alot its alot! Niggaz wanna take what another niggaz got. Yeh, I borrowed dis from Josh but niggaz didn't clock". From what I know JME is the original founder of the phrase if any1 wants to cause controversy over it. Don't know who let Tempa T out of his box.

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