Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BOOM BAM I'm in the ghetto like Justin's yard

Scorcher Bashy Wretch 32

Wretch Featuring Ghetto and Badness - Inna Di Ghetto

I had an exclusive listen to Wretch 32's debut album several weeks ago and I was literally skanking my head off when this track Inna Di Ghetto came on. Produced by Maniac and featuring a verse from Ghetto and the chorus sung by Badness it is one of my favourite tracks of many from Wretchrospective. I love the way this track including it's production ticks the boxes of so many elements of what UK underground music is about, without even trying. Badness's raw singing elements give it that reflective edge, while Ghetto's greengate gutter delivery and subtones of aggressive mannerisms allow Wretch to open up the track strongly and shine while they feature strongly without overshadowing him. Maniac brings every fundamental factor of each vocal artists great token side out while still making a strong grime track. It is without question one of my favourite tracks of this year. No hype. Although I still hold my thoughts that this track shouldn't of been handed out before at least an official date is released for the album. Wretch should of waited at least till a couple of weeks before his release to fling this out for promotion. But hey what do I know!?

Anywhere we go

Kano Featuring Wiley - Anywhere We Go

Kano was on Logan's show last night showcasing some of his material from 140 Grime Street and this Wiley produced and featured track popped into the selection. It definitely feels like something made around the Grime Wave time, especially with Wiley singing over it. It's edging grime towards the mainstream, but it's just not aggressive enough/ lacks stabbing, killing or violent bars for me - something my sister would definitely like. Kano 's 140 Grime Street should be in the shops on the 9th september 08, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what he has to offer. It's a great thing to see these pioneers working with each other, *wipes a tear away*.

Logansama TV by SB.TV

Several weeks ago Doubles S, Brutal and Ghetto were on Logan's Kiss show, spitting some flavour for the promotion of F*ck Radio's soon to be released DVD which has footage from all the F*ck Radios and an exclusive unheard set which comes along with the DVD. This will be available nationwide on the 7th July, HMV and all that grime.


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