Tuesday, July 22, 2008

R.I.P Elliot


JME - Punch In The Face

I'm a bit speechless to be completely frank, at the weekend after a night of skanking at Chockablock I heard about an incident around where a close friend of mine lives. Not too sure exactly what had happened but hearing of the amount of police about, it was obvious they weren't just there on a raid or minor incident. It was like 5am so I went about dropping my friend home and then on the way back home, I was thinking wow some one's definitely been killed tonight. I went to my comfy bed and never thought about it again until I received a call from my dad. It was my brother in law's birthday that night as well and I'm not sure if him and all his pals went out for a drink to celebrate his birthday or he was just out having at a party. Either way I soon learnt that my brother in law's best friend was the reason for the closing off of half of Tufnell Park. He had been at a bar enjoying himself, there was some sort of disagreement, a knife was pulled out and he was stabbed in the neck. He died shortly after.

I don't know if I should make this post into one where I start preaching on how bad the world has become or just tell you what I really think. This guy wasn't my brother or my dad, he was a very close friend of my sisters and her boyfriends best friend. Thinking back I'd met him loads of times, in fact my fondest memory was when we got completely drunk off our faces at my sister's birthday party earlier in the year (above). He was a nice guy with a great sense of humour. His girlfriend had only given birth to his child 2 months ago. This was a type of guy we all know and come into contact with, a genuinely friendly man.

We've been hearing about stabbings, shootings and murders for the last 2 years none stop and although I've felt some what sad about the issue it's never made me think properly about how bad things have become. It took me knowing this great character, Elliot, to realise that everyone, including myself, have become completely immune and emotionless to murder until that weapon of pain taps on our front door. We all understand that people are being stabbed and shot for the most ridiculus reasons. The number count just keeps growing and at the end of the year that's all they're becoming: numbers and percentages not names, personalities and people that have interests, children and family. The more fear that is put out that and the more the body count grows the more likely there are to be more people carrying knifes, guns and other weapons to protect themselves, It's like some never ending cycle.

I also felt just sick to my stomach that same night that Elliot had been stabbed to death I had been skanking out to "yeahhh shank him 6 times..." type of lyrics and laughing like it was all a joke. I'm not going to start the whole ohh grime this grime that. Gun & knife lyrics aren't helping and look at the effects etc but I won't lie to you it's been extremely difficult attempting to listen to some of my favourite grime artists/lyrics without getting flashes of the reality of what the aftermath of them are. A young man and many more losing their lives and each leaving behind a crowd of mourning family and friends. This is not to say that music is the cause of this, that would be pathetic of me to imply, but the words, phrases and lyrics that we so freely pass about like it's some sort of funny joke do have real life threatening consequences. I'm sad to say it took someone I knew losing their life to a knife to wake me up out of my coma.

I'm sorry to blabber on, give a preaching/reflective post but it's all getting too much for me. What happened to the days where you'd just get a punch in the face?

BBC News, ITN, The Mail, The Sun, The London Paper


  1. WOW, this was that same night init, very weird ...

    Sorry to hear this hyper all the best love.


  2. Is the world actually coming to where a knife is drawn cos of a minor argument!? I send my condolences.

    J Beatz

  3. The combination of fear and ignorance are so dangerous.

    I'm really sorry for your loss. We're in trouble.

  4. my condolences1:42 PM

    im feelin for u, 1 of my closest boys died the same way last weeek and its wierd how after all these deaths it takes 1 close to u to die to make u realise how far this has escalated.

    i send my condolences

  5. Anonymous3:32 PM


  6. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I'm sorry to hear that.

    It does put the outrageous violence in Grime lyrics into perspective. However you've neatly sidestepped the issue as to whether it does glamourise street violence though, and contribute to that culture which in turn contributes to more death.

    What do you really think here? Be honest. It is especially at times like these when we should be.

    I listen to A LOT of Grime, luckily I'm in my mid 20s and my mind is not so easily influenced by it, but I have no doubt that it's not a good influence on all the young kids that listen to it.

    If I lost a friend because they were stabbed, I don't know if I could listen to any Grime lyrics about knives again without it bringing a very bitter taste to the mouth. Problem is, if you take that stuff out, then it's not Grime anymore.

  7. Anonymous10:35 AM

    "The combination of fear and ignorance are so dangerous."

    Marvin, what exactly is that supposed to mean? Do you even know? Are you just typing cliches without your brain engaged?

  8. Really sorry to hear about your loss

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