Monday, July 21, 2008

They never see me dark something like Skeppy, original darker man a step steady

The return of the Grime DVD has arrived, thanks to Risky, F*CK Radio is behind the scenes from the very much loved and rated F*CK Radio internet sets. It documents the full series of sets and all generations of grime artists from Ghetto, Dolla Da Dustman and Scorcher to Little Dee, Chipmunk and Griminal. I haven't even had the chance to catch the whole DVD YET but if you all can't wait for my low down then hit up Uptown Records and get your copy for £7.99 (Bargain). If you have a HMV or Zavvi in your area hit up them for your copies.

Gods Gift - Ringtone

Who would of thought that Gods Gift would be taking advantage of the electro watch sweeping craze that has had the grime scene confused but yet floating into the top positions of the UK Charts. Apparently it's not Rolexs, brooms and windmill dance moves that have got Mr Gift aka the leader of the pack on the tip of the youngers lips, it's his ringtone. It's strangely addictive, so much so it's now forced me to make it my ringtone. If you want to be just as sad as me heres a clip to make it yours too. Wiley's already moved on with another tune Summertime, some say he's done it again, I'm just happy he's actually put more than 8bars over a track.


  1. This electro bandwagon really is reaching capacity



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