Sunday, July 27, 2008

Skepta stryding through the ghetto in Malia

Who would of thought a couple of months back these three would be on stage representing and getting reloads together, in Malia. It's nice to see people spitting side by side. Who knows I haven't seen an official Skepta and Ghetto Collab, well apart from The Streets and a few others. Let's open the doors and start working with the whole scene and allow the politics. Catch the usual Westwood jokes with Ghetto, Skepta and Tinchy here. "It's not that type of beach Skepta!! *Skepta shows blank face* The thing with skepta is his toe game is strong..."

Got a track now on Hyperfrank's Blogspot - RELOAD

Friday, July 25, 2008

At Glastonbury I had them skanking in wellies

JME - Ghetto Superstar

The long awaited debut album Famous? from JME landed nearly a fortnight ago and I've had a while to wizz through the tracks several times. If you've heard all or one of his previous project mixtapes: Shut Yuh Mut, Poomplex or Derkhead, then you'll know that Jamie Adenuga definitely has his own innovative angle of making music. Famous? is no exception especially with tracks like Ghetto Superstar, which sounds like how JME's life would of went if he had Ghetto's attitude. It's either a blunt direct or a sly hit it at him, either way it's a decent concept and Plastician's Production on this track ups the level of the whole album. Throughout the album there are several tracks that stand out with both strong production and concepts/lyrics - P, Famous and Show. The day I found out about a friend of mine being stabbed to death was when I literally couldn't stop listening to Punch In The Face. JME picks up on the cycle of street life that leads to some of the murders that we hear about so much these days. The lack of violent lyrics, which much of Boy Better Know's music seems to be keeping clear of these days, is refreshing. However I feel like some of the lyrics on tracks like 123 and the irritatingly annoying lyrics and production of Boogie down Bass lower the level of the whole album. Famous? is a whole other world from his Meridian Days, but still a great listen into a life that has been changed by being successful in music. It's Available in most places that sell music but if you can't be bothered to search here's the lazy links: HMV or Uptown Records. VIP album is out soon and It's easily a must buy, I can't wait to see what they do with it especially after hearing their Microphone Champion set.

This is one of my favorite tracks off of Lauren Mason's Keepin it Blonde album which will be dropping hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Despite a lot of people despising Madame Mason, to say the least, it's an album you have to take notice off before you can write her name off on to your I hate them list.

Lauren Mason featuring Wiley - Wannabe Free


If you're talking the hardest then you'll know who's walking into a party sporting Armani and who's got half the crowd snorting his Charlie. If you still haven't clocked then wow, take a break from your schedule and look a bloody round. It was just yesterday that I was on the bus (which is not that often, holdtight the frank mobile) with the back of the bus vibrating from all the phones speakers blaring out the same Gigs Walk in the park freestyle. Some think he's boring has hell in his delivery and some think he's the greezy master. I think he's sick, his emotionless delivery scares me in some next way. Check out Gig's performance at sound with Westwood - the video is here. Skepta's clocked on to hollowman's hype and he's freestyled over the same beat take a listen to Madness. Now my pinky ring is bigger than Tinchy Stryder - Reload.


Tinchy Stryder - Stryderman (Wiley & Kano Refix)

Tinchy Stryder's electro track, which was recently popped into the radio 1 playlist, Stryderman has just been digitally released this week (If you like it download it now from Itunes). Along with the track there's also been several refixs floating about the net. Apparently Wiley's verse is officially on the physical release (out in the next week or so) and Kano, who produced the track, has also released some magic. I was thinking the other day with the whole Super hero theme, what grime artists would be which superhero. Obviously Wiley would be the Joker, Kano has the sleek pretty look for Superman, Tinchy blatantly would be the Incredible Hulk. BUT! who would Ghetto be? or Chronik? I was thinking Bossman would be Batman - Bossman Birdie?

While Kano's saving lives and making sure old Craig David's got his daily dose of steroids, he's been working on his album - 140 grime street. Which as we know has a whole heap of grime artists who we've been praying for years he'd work with. We know for sure that he's worked with Wiley, Ghetto and Skepta (Who also apparently produced the track), to keep more up to date with Kano's new album, hit up his blog - 140 grime street. Kano's been busy as well blessing up features on several up and coming projects, the newest one that's come to light is It's War from Rapid's pre album.

(Download NBF set here)

Nu Brand Flexxx had a Ayia Napa Send off a couple weeks back and they've just released it to us lucky listeners. I've only heard about 30mins of it so far but for now check out P Money at 18:45 - 22:23 and Saskilla at 32:20. Murkage - full mc list. Make sure to check this Ghetto on BBC 1 last week (Download), murkage murkage.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Digital Outbreak - Scorcher and Wretch 32

Digital Outbreak
Scorcher & Wretch 32

Scorcher & Wretch 32 freestyling over Silencer's World War 4 - MP3 Download

Wretch 32:
How is your debut album Wretchospective coming along?
Right now the whole CD's finished and I'm looking to get it out there for mid September but I just need to make sure that everything is in place. I've given out a little street banger for the roads quickly just toget some general feedback and to let them know what direction I'm coming with. If Inna di Ghetto has a demand I will be looking to put that out as my first single and then do a video, but if the demand isn't that high then I'll be pushing a single that I have planned. Wretchospective means exibition of an artists life work, so what I'm trying to do is take you through the best of Wretch. So if you know what I'm like with Learn From My Mixtape and Teachers Training Day then you'll know what to expect from the quality of the music. For the features I have kept it really in house, I've worked with a few producers like J-Flows, Scorcher and Y.WIZZ and JD (from So Solid). Spitting wise I have Chipmunk, Combination Camp, Ghetto and Scorcher. I'm just trying to bring back good quality music, the grime on there is good grime and grime you could play to your mum, the rap on there is good aswell so it's just good music.

What's the deal with "Cocaa Colaaaa", what does it actually mean?
I say like my lines are very strong so I'm like the Coca Cola boy. When I'm writing my lines are very strong.

Boy Better Know are releasing their joint VIP album in July are The Movement looking to do the same thing at some point?
Course we are, although it's not ready yet because everyone's kind of got on to their own projects but it's definitely coming. We have a couple of tunes done but we really need to sit down in the next week or so and discuss exactly what we want to achieve from it. We're definitely doing a joint album, I'm hoping to push it for a christmas vibe time. I think that would be a good present because we all have a gift, we're are the present and we're the future

How is your debut album Concrete Jungle progressing?
It's coming along pretty good actually, I made one track the other day that I produced myself and it's a bad boy grime one. At the moment there's know one on the features but I will be keeping it down to a minimum because I want to get my creative side of things out of the way first. It's like other people build their album around people like I need to get this person on, I need to get that person on. I'm not really making my album like that, my albums about me. I've started making a lot more beats for my own album now, it's got my own little twist on it, there's some thunder on there still. Producer wise I'm working with J-Flows, Keamo Beats, Black Jacks, God Son. I'm all about the music, I don't want a beat off a bait person just because he made it, I just want the best music that's literally all I care about it.

What's been your reaction to some of the in directs and sending from other MCs towards you in the last several months?
I haven't really cared but it just made me think that they must rate me quite highly. They must rate me because I'm on there brain, I totally don't even know you and I'm on your brain so I must be doing something right. Anyone that may have had some sort of problem with me, I've seen them in person and they seem pretty cool, so I don't know what to make of them lyrics.

You've been consistent with mixtape quality releases with Simply the best vol1 & Leader of the New School, although Simply the Best Vol2 seemed like a very rushed mixtape. Are you looking to release another LOTNS or STB to show the real levels?
It wasn't in my plan to make a mixtape (before the album) but I started making some music that wasn't suitable for my album but it was definitely suitable for a mixtape. So the prospect of a mixtape coming out before my album is very likely, I just want to make it while I'm making Concrete Jungle, so I don't want to focus on making a mixtape. More or less everytime I go to the studio and I'm doing something for the album I'll do something else just for fun. I don't want to say yes something will come out before because I don't know that but I'm putting the work in for sure. As for Simply The Best vol2, I was trying to get something together before I went jail and I was in a mad situation and I just wanted to get some music out there to hold the people until I got released. I really can't explain much about that mixtape.

Wretch 32's Discography:
wretch2 wretch3

Scorcher's Discography:
thunder power

For more information go to:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

R.I.P Elliot


JME - Punch In The Face

I'm a bit speechless to be completely frank, at the weekend after a night of skanking at Chockablock I heard about an incident around where a close friend of mine lives. Not too sure exactly what had happened but hearing of the amount of police about, it was obvious they weren't just there on a raid or minor incident. It was like 5am so I went about dropping my friend home and then on the way back home, I was thinking wow some one's definitely been killed tonight. I went to my comfy bed and never thought about it again until I received a call from my dad. It was my brother in law's birthday that night as well and I'm not sure if him and all his pals went out for a drink to celebrate his birthday or he was just out having at a party. Either way I soon learnt that my brother in law's best friend was the reason for the closing off of half of Tufnell Park. He had been at a bar enjoying himself, there was some sort of disagreement, a knife was pulled out and he was stabbed in the neck. He died shortly after.

I don't know if I should make this post into one where I start preaching on how bad the world has become or just tell you what I really think. This guy wasn't my brother or my dad, he was a very close friend of my sisters and her boyfriends best friend. Thinking back I'd met him loads of times, in fact my fondest memory was when we got completely drunk off our faces at my sister's birthday party earlier in the year (above). He was a nice guy with a great sense of humour. His girlfriend had only given birth to his child 2 months ago. This was a type of guy we all know and come into contact with, a genuinely friendly man.

We've been hearing about stabbings, shootings and murders for the last 2 years none stop and although I've felt some what sad about the issue it's never made me think properly about how bad things have become. It took me knowing this great character, Elliot, to realise that everyone, including myself, have become completely immune and emotionless to murder until that weapon of pain taps on our front door. We all understand that people are being stabbed and shot for the most ridiculus reasons. The number count just keeps growing and at the end of the year that's all they're becoming: numbers and percentages not names, personalities and people that have interests, children and family. The more fear that is put out that and the more the body count grows the more likely there are to be more people carrying knifes, guns and other weapons to protect themselves, It's like some never ending cycle.

I also felt just sick to my stomach that same night that Elliot had been stabbed to death I had been skanking out to "yeahhh shank him 6 times..." type of lyrics and laughing like it was all a joke. I'm not going to start the whole ohh grime this grime that. Gun & knife lyrics aren't helping and look at the effects etc but I won't lie to you it's been extremely difficult attempting to listen to some of my favourite grime artists/lyrics without getting flashes of the reality of what the aftermath of them are. A young man and many more losing their lives and each leaving behind a crowd of mourning family and friends. This is not to say that music is the cause of this, that would be pathetic of me to imply, but the words, phrases and lyrics that we so freely pass about like it's some sort of funny joke do have real life threatening consequences. I'm sad to say it took someone I knew losing their life to a knife to wake me up out of my coma.

I'm sorry to blabber on, give a preaching/reflective post but it's all getting too much for me. What happened to the days where you'd just get a punch in the face?

BBC News, ITN, The Mail, The Sun, The London Paper

Monday, July 21, 2008

They never see me dark something like Skeppy, original darker man a step steady

The return of the Grime DVD has arrived, thanks to Risky, F*CK Radio is behind the scenes from the very much loved and rated F*CK Radio internet sets. It documents the full series of sets and all generations of grime artists from Ghetto, Dolla Da Dustman and Scorcher to Little Dee, Chipmunk and Griminal. I haven't even had the chance to catch the whole DVD YET but if you all can't wait for my low down then hit up Uptown Records and get your copy for £7.99 (Bargain). If you have a HMV or Zavvi in your area hit up them for your copies.

Gods Gift - Ringtone

Who would of thought that Gods Gift would be taking advantage of the electro watch sweeping craze that has had the grime scene confused but yet floating into the top positions of the UK Charts. Apparently it's not Rolexs, brooms and windmill dance moves that have got Mr Gift aka the leader of the pack on the tip of the youngers lips, it's his ringtone. It's strangely addictive, so much so it's now forced me to make it my ringtone. If you want to be just as sad as me heres a clip to make it yours too. Wiley's already moved on with another tune Summertime, some say he's done it again, I'm just happy he's actually put more than 8bars over a track.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tonight get slutty

spray flyer 1

Grime: Tinchy Stryder
Destination: 12 Acklam Road W10 5QZ (Ladbroke Grove)
Pocket: £8 (£5 before 10.30pm)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Grime guardians

Raj at Dirty Canvas(2)

A great grime/electro related article by Rajveer Kathwadia (big boy skanker). I love the way he just murks Lethal Bizzle's life off:

"Of course, it doesn't always go to plan as Lethal Bizzle's Keys to the Bentley proved. Largely ignored by, well, everyone, it was more a case of jumping on the bandwagon than creative contribution."


Monday, July 07, 2008

They used to diss my head now I'm the headlining act (catch up post)

Aza T - iGrime Episode 1

Make sure to hit up IGRIME to get a great digital set mixed by Logan Sama and vocalled by Durrty Goodz. (right click on download and press save target) - Great selection, big up Aza T for putting this together. Loads of sly sends.


Chipmunk - 64bar Statement Part2

Chipmunk - Guess Who Download (Rapidshare)

A great free selection of new freestyles, tracks and radio features to boost the hype for his forthcoming debut album. Highlights to check are Say What You Like featuring Skepta & Wiley, 64bar Statement Part2, A Milli freestyle and the previously heard Who Are You? remix, Fire Alie and Let's Change featuring Double S, Anisa and Maverick. I was a bit confused when I started hearing Madonna's 4minute beat but Chipmunk pretty much pulls it off.

Dot Rotten's RIP Young Dot is available from the 14th July from Uptown Records.

Dot Rotten - I'm not one of them

I got hold of this at the weekend and only got the chance to quickly run through it. I'm not one of them, Can't Test My Crew and My Guy's are definitely ones to check out. Some of his 'singing' has been getting negative feedback from some fans but I weirdly wanted to hear more and thought it complimented the tracks that he used to sing on. Don't get too worried whe nI talk about 'singing' it's just a little thing here and there on 2-3 tracks. I can't judge fully with listening to it once i'll have to give my full opinion in a later post. I'm a crazy chap guys say bo when they see me but I'm not from Bow E3 like Maniaccccc.

DJ Spyro Birthday Set along with Badness, Dizzle Kid, Killa P & Jamakabi - DOWNLOAD

Sir Spyro celebrated his birthday in style with his getting taken show over by a starter vocal set that with school a newly grime loving fans and then gave us a session with Badness, Dizzle Kid, Killa P & Jamakabi. Dizzle Kid's Ian Wright bar will make anyone skank to the limits, arms in the air and do the grime robot. Some deep instrumentals selected. I still say this is the song of 08.

02 Wireless Festival - Wearing My Rolex

02 Wireless Festival set

Glastonbury feat Hot Chip - Wearing My Rolex

Remember when all Wiley used to do was cuss kids on RWD Forum? Well this is what Wiley can do when he steps away from the internet and doesn't make grime. "I don't know why they stray?" Performing at Glastonbury with Hot Chip and at 02 Wireless Festival with Mark Ronson. Anyone clock in the second video, him singing to Dizzee's Number 1 single?

Friday, July 04, 2008

Dirty Canvas Tonight


I'll be popping down to the Vibe Bar tonight for this great line up. Been over busy moving out from my little old SFC hide away. Don't hate me for not blogging I've get loads of little presents for you over the next month. So keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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