Friday, March 13, 2009

Hyper Meets Sway

I caught up with Sway, for a quick interview in 2005, for, which was a site I ran to promote UK underground music, before the MOBO Awards and before his first album dropped. This is also my first ever interview, quick and snappy, although I have to say he's a great character and would be great to interview him properly rather than a few questions.


What are you representing? UK Hip Hop or Grime?
I call it MUSIC

Where do you see your music career in 5 Years?
I can’t guarantee anything, but I guess I’m gonna be as big as I can be, which is BIG, VERY BIG. I’m gonna take my music as far as I can, I’m just gonna… try

I red that you produce all your own tracks? Is this true?
I actually produce over 80% of the tracks I put out. I can play keys [board] a little bit, just enough to put my point across. I produced Flo Fashion, Up your Speed, and most of the singles I’m putting out are my productions and a lot of people don’t know that

What kind of message are you trying to spread in your music?
I’m a pretty positive thinking person. Although I have got a dark side.. & a humorous side as well. The Basis of my music hasn’t got a whole slogan to it like ‘save the world’, Because Sometimes I just wanna chat crap, but I think you no what.. My little cousin might be reciting this, so I got to be careful...

If you could work with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why??
Hyper – You no its Tupac
Sway – I dunno, Tupac’s too bait... if it came down to it…Michael Jackson
Hyper – Don’t get your little cousins to visit you at the studio...
Sway – Michael won’t touch nothing! Id slap him up, strictly in the studio that’s all…

If you didn’t go into the music business then what other job do you think you will be doing?
I’d be into Politics, I’d try and get myself in the house of commons…
I like challenging people…

Who do you think in the uk urban scene performs the best live?

Ty .. Ty puts on a REAL show. He doesn’t just stand there and let the dj spin his instrumentals and JUST rap, he really takes control, gets involved…

What’s your favourite track to SKANKOUT to?
Properly be Feel so good by Mase

At the moment who do you think is UNDER rated, in the scene?
Every single one of us.. we need more exposure…

How about … Over rated?
I’m gonna deal with this diplomatically. Theres SOME people, yeah.. that don’t tiggle my fancy…

What’s your opinion on people downloading yours and others artist’s music?
I think they should STOP IT! The qualities hideous… Buy my MIXTAPE! Fresh sound and you help me out! Comes out officially in big stores like Virgin, HMV etc… on the 3rd October! Which is both mixtapes (this is my promo 1 &2) merged together for half the price…

What word cant you live without?
ummmm….. I use it as my way of getting out of difficult situations…

Whos your biggest influence, comedic wise?
My dad, without a doubt he's hilarious.

If you could live without Music or Sex? What would it be?
OHHHH that’s a hard one.. Its gonna have to be MUSIC. But see I could make music while I’m having sex... Think of it like this, you need sex to reproduce for the world to carry on. Music on the other hand, there’s no way there can be a world if know one had sex. SOOO who would make the music?, BUT I would find a way in making music, But there’s NO WAY I could find a way of having sex without a woman…

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