Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Maniac and Snoopy. Some news is bad news.

This isn't exactly breaking news but pretty late (holdtight the whole media frenzy). I didn't even hear this from anyone a few weeks ago it was from reading the metro one morning and I was slyly shocked. As I hear it's all currently going to the end of the trial so a lot of it is still held under raps. All I can think of is really how much of a loss this is to grime, not in the sense that the scene is going to flop or go under, but he was undeniably and still is a talented producer. It just fractures more of the image over the last year or so grime has built up especially in the media. When it comes to issues like rape or attempted murder or even murder for that matter do we say "You know what he was still a sick producer in grime.. it's a shame.." or is it a reject and illiminate as soon as someone fools into prison or extremely negative light? The main story in the Metro and The Sun. Without knowing other inside details that I'm sure the papers will hide so he and Snoopy look even worse, it wasn't exactly the smartest thing to juice up an underage girl, plot her murder and then carry it out. Thinking of it, it's actually disgusting to think that someone would even think of doing that let alone carry it out. It's kind of hard to sum this up because I genuinely liked Maniac's music but you have to take responsibility for your actions.


  1. BAR FOR BAR3:02 PM


  2. It's fucking peak and a mad loss to Grime but fuck doing that to someone man thats disgusting!


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