Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If my man's fire, I'm water alie!?

Sharky Major ft Devlin, PMoney, Dot Rotten & Ghetts - Shark Attack Remix (Download)

So lets go straight in and cut the crap. We've all been waiting for at least a year and half since the sly indirects between Ghetto and P Money started for some sort of big final explosion that will end in some sort of War report like the whole Movement Vs Wiley. Basically some excitement and to entertain us all. Here is the History in a quick run down: Ghetto apparently sent for P on Westwood on the 9th Dec 07 and P responded (audio links here) then I caught up with Ghett's to see what the the deal was - (Ghetto catch up from JAN 08) - then there was the Westwood march 9th to the 16th sending audio. From then on it's been bashed about from corner to corner more than Rhianna's forehead. Yesterday however Logan, as always, played us an exclusive remix of Sharky Major's new Shark Attack. The sending is baiter than Mz Bratt and Griminal dating.

There's been rumors flying around for the last couple of months that the new Lord of the Mics 3, which is being filmed as we speak, has managed to get a Ghetto and P Money clash. From this track it sounds like it was more talk than action from the track above. P Money lays in hard with 'Skinny sorts wanna talk on youtube...' and while he's there he takes a tap at Wiley with 'I don't care what She Likes, man can't say I'm not top 10 in England...' - ' Wanna be cool then keep your distance, I'm the teacher teaching these infants...' then he counter acts Ghetto's bar about 'water alie' with 'Talking about wetting up guys but I'm water resistant...'

Ghetto holds himself up and shows pure levels explaining behind the hype and why there's been no real clash and most likely won't be. 'So many fans want Ghetto to clash an mc... He's sending he's sending he can't stop sending - what is that the best you got? just cos you say ghetts a lot please don't think you can stand up next to God.' also referring back to the ghetto bar that PMoney hit back at 'If my man's fire then I'm water alie!?' which could be a play on people think P is fire hot or a tap at Chipmunk. THENNNN Ghetto shows the direction with 'Normally I'd get caught in the hype but right now them man are going number 1 so a hit is the only thought on my mind...' BOOM BAMMMM. Still though it would be a sick clash and they keep teasing us not because it's going to happen it's because it's bait promotional hype. clever. but not original.

Take a look at RWD's behind the scenes with Wiley for his new single Take That - which is out 28th December 09. Mainstream wise he seems to be more focused which is great he deserves some chart success but it can't be like last time. Every damn interview mentioning Dizzee for hype or even just because journalists etc want to create some rivalry. Step away from it otherwise it makes you look like you're begging for a good old hug from Dylan. It won't happen if you keep calling his name.. positive or negatively. Move on and do you, leave mr rascal with his success and achieve yours.

Before I jet, heard a Mix CD today called Eski Sound which is practically a showcase of Wiley's lyrical and production talent throughout the years. It's mixed by DJ Furious and it's slyly Epic and a must for everyone's collection. Look out for that release early next year. Now we're going on terrible.

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