Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sky walking back to grime?.....

Scorcher Ft Terminator (Prod: Rudekid) - Spartan DOWNLOAD

Scorcher's Concrete Jungle is out now to digitally download or to pre-order your CD from Rhythm Division . I slyly miss Terminator but hey I guess he's back now since he got dropped from his football team a while back or has he been re-signed? who cares... I haven't yet prepared myself for Concrete Jungle I slyly don't know what to expect. When I interviewed Scorcher just as he come out of prison he seemed more focus like it was more of a lipsin' ting rather than a hype shankin' ting I'll let you know if it's terrible or amazing. I sure hope it sounds like Spartan. I HOPE in the Lord that it doesn't sound anything like he Invented Love. Unless you're deaf or mute then don't download it. It's awful. Like hold up Prec is that you on the end of that phone call!? wow.

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