Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Video: Ruff Squad - Tryna Be Me

Tinchy brings through Rapid, Dirty Danger, Fuda Guy and Slix. The song isn't exactly XTRA but he's gone to No1 with No1 and is still bringing through the people that he's been with from day. I mean it's not like Kano done that, not that he ever went anywhere near the top 5 spot. Actually he might of done a little with Ghetts but now he must feel par'ed to dear life that he has to get Ghetto on a tune so the track has any type of credibility. Hard times. So salute to Tinchy who's in cloud 9 right now enjoying personalized Ipods, featured 02 adverts and This Morning TV but still has time to keep the people, that put him there, happy. Everyone's jumping on the name of the video like Tinchy isn't in Ruff Squad. Be realistic do you think your average 12 year old knows that 50cent is in G-unit. NO. Not that Tinchy is 50pence but you see where I'm coming from... he's promoting the group name. Little kids will get excited in their Y-fronts and search up more Ruff Squad material. Them ones. It's not a Diana Ross and the Supremes one.

If you want to be picky ask where the hell Shifty is and why he is no where to be seen!


  1. im just really annoying3:43 PM

    Kano featured Ghetto on his single Typical Me... with a proper video


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