Monday, December 07, 2009

We also have a rasta he's priceless...


Skepta - Blow My Own Trumpet

So to keep track of the last week or so of music that's been flooding in and out of your ears, some you may of loved some you may of hated and even missed, I've done a di di di down low of everything that matters. Skepta's giving away apparently a free music E.P full of some of our favorite skepta freestyles and tracks. Surely that's what should of been on his album... Greatest Hits or Microphone Champion and not a load of crap snackle jibber jabber that he tried to get us to buy. Check him out supporting his younger Chippy... ie: the biggest reason to stay humble. Chipmunk grew up wanting to be Skepta and Scorcher - now Skeppy is supporting him. If I was being nice it's a good look blah blah. It's good exposure blah blah. But it's realistically kind of embaressing. Goin in is a a big track though, I do the Jammer 'jump out of bed' the rasta's ready every day at work. true stories. If that track doesn't sell more than 12 units on Itunes, I don't know what will, well definitely not any of Ny's singles. profit on her last single = £4. wow. Now that's goin' in...

11.35 starts after the waffle. we also have a rasta he's priceless. When was Gritz and Jammer in BBK? and Where is Frisco?


Lauren Mason - The Boss Remix (THE QUBE)

The Pat Butcher of Grime, blondy but heard her natural hair color begins with G. On a deep and true level, this remix is sick. I'm not going to go any further rambling on. listen. learn. buy. If you haven't got it on your iphone your a swag profiterole and if you have a blackberry calm your maxwell d hype drinking self down. chill. Even if you hate Lauren Mason the Remix is a straight cop. real damn talk.

Nicki Minaj - Copycat (Saxon) - download

I'm slyly obsessed with this dubstep sexy bitch of a mix. I bet every designer hat was your size... especially with that beautiful everest of a forehead you have. I know it's a played out joke but I heard Rhianna is coming out with her own range of hats. Small, Medium, Large, XL Large, Rhi-Large, Everest-Large. The beginning is a sample of Rhianna and the rest is? Nicki? I'm confused. I just know this needs to be released before I jiz over your nan.


Dev o Lin aka Devlin has been graftin in and out for a few years. He dropped his mixtape, but it lacked singles. So he dropped London City. I hate to say this because it's technically so cliche but he's kind of the new Mike Skinner. He talks politics, community issues and is just himself in a ukhiphop/grimey vibe. I'm kind of a big mouth that's why I will tell you apparently he's been signed to a big label. shh it wasn't me who told you. He deserves it. Big up to Dev's especially to see him and slow word Giggs on the BBC Sound of 2010, which is like the official ones to watch. I watched the RWD Magazine one to watch on Dev, the other day and he sounded so level headed . It made me kind of happy that someone so down to earth has got a good thing going. Allow the whole swagger, I got money when I blatantly live with my mum/dad, wearing a Gucci/YSL hat when I can't even afford a deposit on a car/house

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