Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Black The Ripper & Jammer twitter tapping hype. no fun.


It's kind of old now but hey i will still address it because i think seeing these two clash lyrically would be the most dullest and randomness thing ever simply because Jammer is a party animal on a next murk a man hype and takes bare bass to be woken up while Black The Ripper talks about well... I can't think right this second but it's more on a slow hiphop tempo. It would be like getting big bird from sesame street to fight the cookie monster. The hype I want to see is in a hair war who would win. Like seriously who would whip the other into shape? would Jammer strangle BTR with his dreadlock or would Jammer get chocked with a mouthful of the Rippers fro. If only Pak's was opened 24/7 I'd organise this while sitting in the corner getting these full blown beauties. Just imagine if they delivered. nah low it. Nandos need to start delivery but hey that's a whole other argument all together.

If you ain't on a twitter hype you're a neek, more than if you live by 140 characters, go here to see what blew off a couple weeks ago with Black The Ripper & Jammer.

P.S: Me even bothering to post this means their is a lack of quality stuff out. Come on people be creative. Experiment and work with new people and not just the same old same old same old.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Nandos already do deliveries. Check the website. Oh happy days.


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