Sunday, December 20, 2009


Was a great night haven't been to a Dirty Canvas in Yonks. Filmed a few highlights on the old cam but don't get excited it's not some next high quality where you can see a guys pimples although the audio is pretty decent, I was there to actually enjoy the night so the camera is mad shaky because obviously if reloads are happening and I'm standing still, I've been spiked by your grandad. Pigeon Face isn't about having the best of the best but it's more about having fun and catching some random footage that you most likely wouldn't see.

Back to the night though, Younger remember him? yes you you shut your mouth got a nice reload. Fuda Guy, Rapid, P Money, Blacks, Little Nasty, Dizzle Kid, Younger and Maxsta all introduced the hype to a packed venue for DJ Magic's Grime & Dubstep set. Badness literally jumped in for 10seconds with DEM DEM DEM DEM got a reload and then passed the mic on. D Double E and Footsie the pair of Newham Generals took to the stage. Now I've watched these both many many many times. Always been a great show, but even though in general they gave a decent performance it lacked something. I don't know if it's because 97% of the set was dubstep, which I understand is their thing - a dominent Dubstep edge which seems to work single wise but sometimes it's just too much, some grime up in there would of been nice. Seriously. One thing I must say is DJ Magic is seriously a sly epic leng man selector, he genuinely doesn't get enough ratings.

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