Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Every Mc's got a gun bar but not every mc's got a gun but me I'm strapped like your mums bra so every mc's gotta run (GHETTO VS P MONEY the real war)

The Full War Report Breakdown 2010: - Part 1

P Money Vs Ghetto

For the last 2 years, two of my favourite emcee's have been on the edge of battling, P Money and Ghetto. To put it more bluntly P's been sending directly for G.H but he has never fully responded with a direct response. Possibly because when it started P was rated but hadn't necessarily put in the ground work that G thought was needed to care. He did however pin point a few times with the odd indirect send or play on words directed at P. For Example check HERE (for the set that STARTED IT ALL - audio download inside) , HERE (for the catch up with Ghetto in 08 about the Westwood sets) and HERE (Movement & OG's on Westwood sets - audio inside) for all the sets of the sending catalogue which would usually take you your lifetime to clock through on the net.

With the turn of the year however it seems the amount of work and credibility OG's, especially P Money, had stacked up - had Ghetto, and his lack of frontline action over the main course of 09, feeling he needed to respond. Most likely to show that he still has what it takes to stay at the top end of the spectrum in the eyes of his fans and critics. That's what clashing is about right!?

So with the end of 09 we heard Shark Attack Remix which saw P & G.H sending on the same track then on the clip above Ghett's took a few shots at P Money while on Logan Sama's Kiss slot on the 28th December 09. It was a great set and one that I haven't stopped listening to for the last 2months so make sure to take a look at the full set uploaded and non just the sends that I highlight. His flow is madness. So come we go in...

The sending isn't exactly a dub but it follows suit to what we hear an odd month/2 later. (2.28mins:) When another mc says my name they always say ghett's is the same as kane, I ain't never heard anyone come with another one.... (2.40:) If my name was money I'd talk about cash.... (4.33:) Stop all the bad boy posses none of you're bad boys bad boys knows this . This is apparently more of a send for Scorcher with his swift move from making Gangsta to Lipstin Ting. I mean when was the last time you saw Ghetto feature in any of Scorcher's barrel of videos over the last year? or ever? (5.22:) back with another match heard man say my name I'm G.H and I can't have none ay dat... clearly talking about the last year or so P always mentioning his name. (6.50:) Mc's want to send but OI you should of bought ID why should I recognize you you're just another number in 25 youts. Sending for money about his age and OG's.

Then came the Plaistow Takeover with Grimedaily on 4th Feb where the audio is not exactly top notch but is still good enough to hear the sends when G comes in (4.18:) cos in war I'm burying heads and it might be you that I'm burying next....Everyone had their money on P but everyone who had their money on P's in debt... P ain't in the elite yeah that's right I said it he ain't an all star and then in at (5.03:) I'm like Errol the body builder I'll tell an mc nobody feels ya.

Then on the 6th Feb P Money went in with a Daily Duppy through Grimedaily and let off with all guns blazing. (1.40:) Before you made the bar I wrote this reply on point with lines so word spell can't check it any metaphor line I'll get it...I use the mac like its photoshop bare faces getting chopped off when I edit don't believe me tell me its beef and ill dead it... then literally he just went in and gave us an insight to his soon to drop dubs. (1.58:) Never ever would you stab me don't beg it, you could be in the ends with 25 guys, I would jump out the car and watch everybody leg it 2 days later watch everybody beg it... You'll do this and that to anybody who says your name but you know I said it, you don't want to swing on Lord Of The Mics 3 cos there won't be a referee or a paramedic... I got deep metaphors that you won't understand, 20 years later you're like 'OH I GET IT!' but now you ain't sure you should nothing if it ain't war cos you ain't raw Kano got dropped i'll drop you with a 32 now you two can dance on the same floor.

Then without a breather he continues (2.36:) I'll cut you a deal I'll stop thinking I'm sick when you stop shouting thinking you're Titch... don't let the little bad boy act fool you if he could he'd sing at the Brits you went from ghetto gospel to sing bada badada and you think that's sick!? If I was the engineer I would of unplugged your headphones locked of the g5 and the mixer and said I ain't recording this shit! (3.03:) When I'm on stage the crowd go ballistic, you missed the drop got air turned around and blamed the dj that mixed it (3.12:) You're marrying the game, but I'm beating it everyday and I haven't even lipsed it.

8th Feb came and Ghett's dropped the All Black Winter Dub and goes in straight from the get go and while doing so he sends for Little Dee who apparantly keeps talking Devlin's name and says he'll back it for DEV. Which didn't exactly make Lil's a happy chappy from his angry responses on the dreaded indirect war zone network or Twitter as it was formerly known.

- Don't tell me prepare I'm the one who gave P a career none of you'z cared before he said my name I'm not gonna lie this guys evolved his come along way from coins and notes.... When I let off I'll lick p money's head off I'm a serial killer it's kelloggs... His fan's say I fell off I wanna know what boat they're fresh off. Don't say P's goin in he's just a guy you expect less off. then in at (0.52:) P spent 09 sending for me and the fans wanna know why nobody's spoken. (1:18:) They all compare me to someone else but I'm the only one you hear again. You're obsessed with fruit & Veg what the fuck could you do to Ghetts? bad move, you can't sleep like I removed your bed HEAD GONE but I ain't gonna lose my head YOU'RE DEAD WRONG I'd rather shoot instead I TAKE N*GGA'S OUT TAKE N*GGA'S OUT...

(1.52:) HAHAHA It's all fun I suppose until I get someone's stomach involved I'll make him stop eating I don't care if a n*gga's got a heart I'll make IT STOP BEATING. Then he goes for the play on money bar ...

(2.10:) Where's all this money I ask? man have got more money by far in fact p is the only money I par money comes and goes what makes you think this money might last? I get with the money quite fast, put the riddim on, some say p's gonna kill me cos I don't write singalongs fuck them lullaby bars and if this money guys hard then pigs fly and butterfly's bath... then he ends with a killer - Me and this guy ain't bredrins I don't like money I like card.

Still no reply from P after the All Black Winter dub dropped Ghetto releases Ghetto Vs Ghetts (Suicide) on the 13 Feb. Which starts off by playing on the fact P has been sending for him for the last couple years but he has took a good while to respond to the first dub he dropped so he goes on to battle himself with the old Nasty Ghetto and the new mainstream Ghett's. It was a clever angle to take to pre-empt any possible bring ups of bait knowledge about G, 8 mile rabbit type sending for yourself bars... but P Money wasn't so impressed.

P Money dropped this Dub on the 13th Feb with no filler - Killing yourself ain't gonna work you chief look at your skin colour, you ain't Eminem. Everyone said ghetts went in twice but I ain't heard anything to take a defence how can you say that you'll pay studio time when this is my grime scene you owe me rent. (0.45:) This guy thinks he can beat me when he couldn't even beat bashy when he was freestyling (0.52:) You ain't got a deal stop hyping you're lying that's a job seekers form you're signing.

Then goes in even harder talking about the time Ghetto stole Wiley's Laptop, then apparently gave it back and after Will leaked his own Tunnel Vision Vol 1. On the same occasion Wiley kicked down his front door and years before at Sidewinder when Flirta D punched him in the mouth on stage - Now NO one here believes your gun chat, wait , you stole a laptop and then gave it back which kind of gunman does that? where's your ARHHH ARHHH ARTILLERY? when you got man slapping you up like a rugrat? Then P comes to the much NOT talked about incident with Tempa T and Griminal involving a bottle at Eskimo Dance on stage playing on the fact that Ghett's doesn't back his people and he's all talk. (1.50:) So let me ask you this question where was you when the beef kicked off in eskimo dance with tempz and griminal? you was like 'low it'

(2.20) 'me plus 8 on the guestlist' I was there one time when you couldn't get yourself in - twisting his Top 3 Selected bars. (2.28) you tried to be the new crazy titch but nobody rated it so you jumped on a girls ting. Refering to the transformation from Freedom Of Speech to Sing For Me. He finish's with a shock blow in acapella mode = (3.10) If grime flopped ghetts wouldn't be pissed off he'd still have the job as a lookalike chris rock

Then last night P Money exclusively dropped The Warning Dub on Logan Sama: I heard back in the day you was a dancer ready for the cameras studying drama watched a bit of telly and turned into a sama, I thought you was on this gospel blah blah? (0.39) Top 3 selected only if people are comparing it to who can mumble faster (0.47) Now you're a sinner who dresses up as the riddler. (1.38) 'P's the only money you par' that's funny like calling you Ghetto.. how can you say you represent the Ghetto? you got battered on stage your front teeth flew out of your face and you never did jack shit - referring to the Flirta D stage incident.

With Ghetto in the previous dubs touching on Little Dee, Blacks and the rest of the OG's P evaluates The Movement which have never really been a real collective since the days of Tempo Specialists (2.34:) I never rated your movement to tell you the truth one paedophile one cool dude one driving offender the others were the girls in the group, lost your respect with Sing For Me you should of holla'ed if you needed help with a tune.

Then like his dub before he leaves with a haunting last blow (3.35) Your credibilty's nearly all gone now when you're on stage the crowd go sick.. it's because I walked on.


For now that is it but it's obvious Ghetto is not going to just leave P to have the last word, people keep disputing who's winning but without being bias which is sometimes extremely hard lets looks at all the main hits they both had that I've bolded up. With P releasing 2 and a half dubs (Daily Duppy was practically half of one come onnnn) and Ghetto, if you take away the 8mile, has 1 Dub. P Money is in the lead. Ghetto or P Money fan you can't analyse the tracks and not see that. I've had people say to me but Ghetto is so much better! Clashes in MY eyes are more about flow, word play but also the dirt you have on the other person and how you voice that. The clash ISN'T finished though and I know for a fact, it's pretty obvious who am I kidding, that we haven't heard the best of Ghetto in this dub war at all so i'm excited to see the levels drift higher from both.

Talks of Live Clashes would be sick and in his last dub The Warning P touches on that he'll clash him anywhere rhythm factory or cargo... That is something just like avatar though, couldn't be experienced on your computer or TV screen you have to see it 3D in the flesh.


  1. Fams, you went in!!! Next detailed hypes! Sick!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. ghetto's on his way out! sorry I'm a fan, But P is way too on point for him! (plus if he didn't do that ghetts vs ghetts tune, maybe, but that was a straight shot in his own foot, he's wounded now)...

    can't see a way back...

    ps, big up HYperfrank always love reading ya blog, but u don't post regular enough LOL, up ya game love :0) Pls, (I'm asking nicely lol)

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  8. Like M. Wint said, Ghetto should just up and leave. P's got the dub rollin' right now!


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