Saturday, March 27, 2010

Give BBC some of that grime FLAVA

So grime has gone from a stage of no one (media wise) really caring about it, to grime artists charting, being radio play listed and now making its presents felt on the television airwaves. For some months now, I've been enjoying Grime Daily's weekly installments on Flava TV (Sky 357), which is becoming the most watched music channel every week (statistics don't lie). Luckily if you miss the Friday slot, you can catch the repeats on Saturday and Sunday. If you by some chance don't have a TV or miss it because you're that busy shotting crack to your nan, a week later you can catch in on their YOUTUBE.

This newest episode we catch up with Tempa T, pumping mad weights and Chating Shit, Bashy in quarantine, Roachee and Stutta.


If you've been paying attention to the BBC channels then you would of noticed SBTV's Jail Tales, which are freestyles, based around stories of jail on BBC THREE. Durty Goodz was easily my favorite, check all of them over derrrrr fam. Following from this, we've also been lucky to have a pilot 'urban' underground culture and music slot called No Hats No Trainers over on BBC 2. Check out some great interviews, behind the scenes footage and mista jam with his body licked off over here on iplayer. Basically if you like this concept and think the BBC need to start putting some of OUR taxes into what WE want, then hit up Mista Jam's blog to see how you can support.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:48 PM

    tis a good ting dat we can now c what we want on channels we also pay for dat tempz ting is joke still


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