Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Wiley top 4 crews

A-List - Runway [DOWNLOAD MP3] [Mediafire]

The A list, another collective bought to you by William, I haven't really discussed them on here because firstly I'm aware of how MC's just talk and talk. Secondly they haven't really released anything (decent), thirdly because I don't like fromage (only on pizza - real talk) and lastly look what happened to Roll Deep - care to shake a leg down this avenue? NO! This free promotional download, for the release of Midnight sexual Lover, gives you a taster however of the stuff they were getting up to in them swanky studios, and it wasn't just showing them off to anybody that would record them. (1) (2) Why is everyone so on Dubstep's penis these days? Don't get me wrong I enjoy it, great keys of production, but to me it's just missing something. Either way I've never heard Wiley properly on a dub influenced beat, it works well, I prefer this track to Midnight Lover (Out April 5th). The A list seem to be a more relevant version of Roll Deep, before The Avenue but less hard edged with more commercial appeal. I, just like the rest of you, don't really enjoy the seeping cheesy manufactured pop grime coming out. However I'd prefer music that gives a better picture of the underground rather than just a knock off attempt at how grime could be washed down commercially. Does A List give that? Only time will tell...
This track features: Sadie Ama, Shola Ama, J2K, Wiley, K, Mz Bratt and Brazen.

Wiley introduces the A-list [HERE]
A-list Westwood Freestyle DJ JJ - [HERE]


  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    its a monster track they shoulda released it more dan the midnight cocksucker

  2. sucha big track!
    kills off midnight lover


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