Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Genevas I saw your nan she has wearing the same scalf as jam she was getting whined out by about 6 man


When you combine the two worlds of grime and fashion your mind doesn't really go any further than Footlocker. Think black or grey Nike tracksuits, New era hat just covering the eyes, a pair of 'exclusive' Nike Air Max straight from JD, all complimented by a pair of Cubic Zirconia Studded earrings straight from Argos. Nothing fancy, more of their time is spent writing bars and analysing the lyrics of Tupac or even Ghetts to bother catching up with the latest styles in Vogue. Is green the new pink? Are tight jeans for homme the new baggy jeans with boxers showing!? No single person cares... or do they?


My mum used to have 5closets full to the brim of clothes from the 60's all the way up to the present day. She always talked about how fashion evolves and then comes right back with what was trending a decade before. However it must of been Jay Z's Nan who told him the same old story because ever since his Run This Town video, he along with the a whole heap of UK artists have been actually listening to their hyped out stylists and made a tribute to nobody more important that their own little old ladies in their life. The Nanny Look.


Tinchy Stryder wears au granny exceptionally well complimenting his silver Donald Duck chain with his gold own brand of Star In The Hood T shirts. He looks like [fill in your own joke here]


Old Ladies usually wear them to cover their just permed hair from the rain but not Tinie Tempah he likes to take the look to the extreme. Just like the rest of them, INSIDE in the warmth with no rain to be seen, with sunglasses on rocking a black veil like he's just about to marry himself off. At one point he turned around so fast during his performance he flicked one guy in the eye and he made him [bait joke]

Seriously what the hell is next? Griminal and Skepta rolling up to a performance wearing kilts? or going on grime daily all half iron maned up. Stylist or no stylist, this is grime not the run way, grime might be in the charts but you're not Jay Z, hopefully not he's the devil guy. Whatever happened to the guys who stopped fronting that they had the big money, you have a Vuitton scarf on your head but you just manage to give the rent in on time. I tried to keep it in but Jammer just killed it just made me explode (no sexual).


  1. Anonymous9:40 PM

    they look like idiots cuz

  2. Fam, I'm so glad u wrote this article, Swear Jay-z got it from Mummra in thundercats, u know the voodoo priest, says alot I know, anyway,... it's dumb, I don't why so many cats are folowing this scarf on head ting, like they say monkey see, monkey do! I guess?

  3. Anonymous8:29 PM

    grime artists been on this look for a hot minute. I remember one night at cargo years back when skepta et al came in with towels over their heads like that. lulz

  4. lololol ayo da yanky man dont even kno about argos and JD...i keep tellin dem! lol wow this article made me larf...mainly cah everyfing here is soooo true... bigup and ble$$ from nyc

  5. oh yeh...forgot da link...ble$$

  6. oh yeh...forgot da link...ble$$


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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