Monday, March 15, 2010

Wanna clash maxsta the boss and they don't write no lyrics they're not wise when I'm ere kid I run the city like Blair did so keep your ears on grime


Maxsta - Woo Riddim Freestyle (Produced by SX) [download]

This is a new freestyle going away the net of Max over the hot beat of the minute (thanks to sbtv) the Woo Riddim from producer SX. Sending for a few guys on there - just listen it's obvious - do I really have to spell the names out for you!? Okay I shall. Darkos & Kozzie gets the main bomb with "You ain't fully on arms, cos i'll make your color fade just like the wooly on darkos..." (2.10) and "Come on fam, my name ain't Kozzie so run on fam my name ain't dodgy... " ( 1.44) I recently caught up with this young talented MC in an interview for MTV UK Online. He described his journey up to now as "A rollercoaster to say the least, a lot of good times, some bad times, but overall it’s been a good journey. I started off with a five pound microphone from Argos and a computer with some of my boys in my bedroom after school, so it’s great to be here right now..." Catch the interview over here. For the full interview which is pretty much unedited, you can find it on my blog in the next day. His project The Maxtape is out on the 29th March.

Jammer - Better Than (Lorn Remix) [download]

Liking this remix of Better Than, I'm also looking forward to seeing how the album that he is bringing out with Big Dada, in the next coming month, is going to turn out. I'm not going to comment until I hear the actually album and try not to get caught up in any opinions until then. Also white you're hear I've uploaded a couple of interviews I've done, including one I did for Blues & Souls Magazine a few years back. Check it out over here. Better Than OUT NOW to buy from Itunes.

Don't be a stranger, Tinchy Stryder's & Kano's new mixtape shall be dropping in an instant. I also am doing a heap of new interviews for MTV's The Wrap Up with your favorite artists. Keep your eyes peeled.

P.S: I saw Lightning the other day in Stratford, what the hell is he doing these days? Tried to run after him to get the low down but he was gone in a flash.


  1. Anonymous11:13 PM

    heard he was on voodoo still

    no lie

  2. Anonymous2:20 PM



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