Monday, March 08, 2010

Zing Zing Zoom that's how I travel, H corporation live on the channel

This new track Wake Up produced by Scratcha DVA and featuring Black The Ripper is one of my favourites at the moment. Without sounding like a completely geek, I'm a big fan of BTR and have been since Holla Black days. He's went straight in on this tune and it's nice to see him take on this angle of political views, since he's touched upon it lightly on a few other tracks. He reminds me of a London version of Tupac, the whole touch of politics, look at what the system is doing, poetic vibe always hits me in the same way as Tupac does. That hair as well is stunningly soft looking, BTR is anti PAKS, so I hear.


P Money - Slang Like This (Prod By Sukh Knight)

No Comment - P done a lot. (Track from the Dubstep True Tiger Project). P Money's been performing literally everywhere over the last couple months. Last week at The Den (Pictures are being uploaded as we speak) Badness hosted a Nightmare of a dance. P Money was, as always, supported by his ever so grimey DJ JJ. I remember JJ, 3 years back maybe, when he was helping out Scratcha DVA on his morning Rinse FM show, just so he could jump in on a mix for 30mins. Last week he mashed up the whole dance, in a way I've never seen anyone do it in such a long time. He caught the crowd's vibe, dropped some epic Dubstep and Grime, for the smallest of seconds I felt so proud. I bet you're thinking calm down hyper, you're not his mum, but the crowd was a little crazy as well as a mix of crowd types. Still JJ as well as P got them off their feet and saw little and big, black and white (and asian), female and male skank to their hearts content. Book him or I will kill you. safe.


I'm a traditional Londoner when it comes to my soaps, so you won't find me watching Corry or Emerfarmdale, here and there i'll jump on the holly oaks bandwagon, but of course Eastenders is my one true love. With it's over the top drama, especially when each person from the square has at least lenged 1 person down, it's hard to think what stories they could come up with next. There's two issues/events that I thought would NEVER come up: 1) Pat Butcher dating a goat 2) Peggy Mitchell holding a grime night. It seems I may have talked to soon though, with news announced recently that tomorrow (Tuesday 9th March) the Queen Vic will be the venue for the first Walford grime night. I'm hoping to hear Jim do a P.A of Next Pint and Janine DJ'ing with selections of Essentials Jenny, Dizzee's Jezebel and The Streets Remix of Get Out My House. It's such a true reflection of the real east London *rolls eyes*.

Gorillaz - White Flag featuring Kano, Bashy and The Lebanese National

I don't even know if I like this collab or hate it with a passion. The beginning and Ending sounds like they're trekking through the Sahara but when the beat drops, and the bars come, I think it's something that has done us proud. Either way have a look at The Guardians Interview with Bish Bash Bosh and Ka No Please No - HERE. Bashy's in the new SHANK film, I saw it last week, I've learn't my lesson from Adulthood - I won't go into anything - just go see it.
Emeli Sande Featuring Giggs - Never Be Your Woman (Craze & Hoax Remix) (Naughty Boy Presents)

Newham Generals ft Esco - I'm A General (Produced by SKITZ BEATZ)

Newham Generals are always coming with a next madness from day. Great to see them releasing a track with Slew Dem's, sadly deceased but still much loved, Esco. D Double E is a legend. I've been thinking lately how Newham Gen's would of turned out and sounded if Monksta, their third member, had stayed.

Nytz & Young Nate - Break The Chain

Congratulations to Tinie Tempah for going Number 1 with Pass Out - Check out my interview with him in midst of his madness over at - Go here to see footage of when it was announced.

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  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    that esco tune is good duno bout that break that chain tune doe


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