Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mix my data with their data


This 'track' goes in to pinpoint various current MC's like Little Nasty, Trilla, Griminal etc have 'ripped' off others flows and lyrics from the past. The baitest one has to be Gracious K's Migraine Skank 'stolen' from Tinchy Stryder's Gun Fingers bar. The funniest however has to be Tinie Tempah's similarity to Nicki Minaj's flow, what about Bashy's F64 with Drake?? Some I feel are just similar flow patterns and it's been OVER exaggerated to using a similar word. I mean remember when everyone was doing the 'er' at the end of every bar - that deserves a video in it's own right. Hold tight the person who wasted their whole life putting this together... Funny but hmmmm....


  1. Sadie1:22 PM

    What! Lol. This is interesting.

  2. How you doing? my mixtape is out now & im wondering if you could feature it on your blog..

    I know it seems like alot to ask but im just trying to get out there as much as i can i would appreciate it so much!

    check it out

  3. Clement Marfo1:05 AM

    love this post! OUCH


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