Saturday, May 08, 2010

Regular Reloads - D Double E - Birds In The Sky

D Double E - Birds In The Sky

This site it focused on up to date music, news and interviews that I think are the BEST we have to offer within the underground (mainly grime). Quality control is important to me and I find that the internet is a great porthole for people to get their music heard, but nowadays everyone has a blog just how everyone wants to be the next UK Drake. Every mixtape or track etc I promote on here is something I've listened and really liked, that's if I don't state otherwise. So in a net shell I'm not going to blog any old rubbish so I'll be filling up the quiet days with sick music that I always play on my IPOD. Especially when you concentrate on new music amazing music from the past gets left to one side, that maybe someone who's new to the sound may not be aware of or a fan from day may have just forgot about. From the most obvious to the slyly more rarer tracks, I'll be jumping inside my home made time machine to bring you some of the regular reloads we all need to remember.

The first goes to D Double E with Birds In The Sky... need I really blabber on any more!?

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