Thursday, May 27, 2010



Mz Bratt - Selector

This track has received a mixed reaction from the bars to the flow, production however has everyone shouting positive remarks. I'm not sure if it's the extremely similar high pitched 'yardie' accent of Stush's or just because it's something a little different to her previous releases of I Like You and Who Do You Think You Are? It's got a nice party atmosphere feel to it which is why It's gliding past the hate line of no return and striding towards the 'I like' margin. I think it might take a further listening to just like CD IS DEAD which I hated and now I'm slyly starting to get my head around and appreciate it. The video to this will be vibes, see me guest appearing laying drunk on the floor smothered in Strong Bow.


Blacks - This Way

Blacks is establishing himself on a platform as an individual as well as being apart of OG's. Sometimes being in a high quality crew with other decent MC's it's hard to step up and stand alone as yourself. Blacks is tearing up performances, just like he does on this dubstep track, with his aggressive pure grime tone and classic flow. Fall back be easy fam just let me him do his music. For people doubting the movement just await for we he's about to smash up, don't speak just listen.

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