Monday, May 31, 2010

Video: Macca - 0'10

At a recent Just Jam Macca, along with the rest of the Stay Fresh crew, completly murked the whole place down. The Midlands movement is so damn strong at the moment and thanks to S-X's Woooo & MC's like Trilla London is dropping it's borders for the underground sounds coming from it's up north brothers & sisters. This track live goes down so well! Although I can't help but bring similarities from this bar to P Money's If Man's Talking 'head gone' bar. In 010 man ah gonna see what I'm on... what do you think about the Midland's grime movement? who you rating?


  1. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Lil Choppa
    J Dubbz

    These are the people you should look out for in the Midlands.

  2. Like em. They bring the real grime. Were sick at Westwood Crib Sessions. I wait for albums/mixtapes/singles since I seen them der. Big up!

  3. Im from london still.. i can reconise n appreciate da talent up dere but to me dat northern accent kinda ruins it.. yeh tru say it aint wot im used to n u can say im bein dum reh reh reh but to me grime is always gonna be a london sound, n although its good to c it branching out i dont fink im ever gonna really feel it

  4. Anonymous4:38 PM

    With that attitude grime will never move forward.

  5. Anonymous4:38 PM

    With that attitude grime will never move forward.

  6. the northern accent does ruin alittle bit.. but only cus when they aren't bringing it gets bait.

    this though, is making most of the ldn people have to up their grime.

  7. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Don't know bout midz as such but in Manny XP is doing it the best for me right now!

    Midlandz maffia were alright tho still a while back


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