Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Devlin Exclusive - Road Trip, Performances & Mini Freestyle

This is an exclusive to Hyperfrank, everyday a different blog will have their own Devlin exclusive - this was the first [HERE]. This video see's Devlin on his way to various performances this year in London, Milton Keynes and Portsmouth. He also get’s stranded at the end, on route from a booking in Northampton. I'm quite excited to see how his debut album Bud Sweat & Beers turns out. I interviewed him a week or so ago (which will be up very soon) and he said that Island have put no pressure on him with the angle of his music and he's been left to his own accord. Which for us is great, letting him develop on his own without anyone trying to pop wash his music.

For everyone that can't wait for my interview make sure you get involved with the DEVLIN WEB CHAT on Wednesday of this week at 4.30 - [RIGHT HERE]

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