Wednesday, June 09, 2010

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Don Strapzy - Blue Magic [DOWNLOAD]

I've been following Strapzy since SBTV dropped his F64, at the start of the year, which I really rated it was up there with my top 10. I've tried to not view any other opinions on this mixtape (like always) as sometimes it's hard to see through the hype and just appreciate the music, if it's good. I've seen however, people bringing up the usual argument, is his road talk real? Let's push that aside for now and just look at the music, seeing as this is his first release, after hearing some of the key song's my conclusion is - he can make some really decent tracks. All the songs that stood out in my own view were the ones where he was reflecting more on his situation. While also taking on victimized roles that he felt didn't have voices, rather than some of the tracks that were mainly focused on gun crime. From The Heart is a great anthem, a track about the struggle and thoughts of a 19 year old living and growing up within the borders of Lewisham. As well as this, Pushin' let's you into a voice that embodies an angry passion in his tone that is becoming quite rare within UK Rap. Touching upon unheard voices of a single father bring up his daughter in poverty, a girlfriend in prison over hiding her boyfriend's gun for him and their personal struggles in hardcore situations.

Don Strapzy was a Grime MC once upon a time but apparently decided to switch it up to Rap as he felt by slowing down the tempo he could vent out his emotions into more detail and people could understand his picture. Blue Magic does get uplifted with tracks like We Get It In which features Fem Fel and Fiasco Bars, just as much as they get it in on that track Ard In The Booth just proves that the titles speak wonders. Before you hear that vibe and then pre-pigeon hole him turn on Why?

If I'm honest some of the tracks bored me simply because of some of the obvious glamorization of violence, it's something I've heard a million times over. The tracks that took on more of a sense of struggle were when this mixtape turned into a good collection of decent music. There were a few fillers and maybe a couple of collaborations featured that shouldn't of made the final cut. Flow wise, this whole 'She insists she has more class WE KNOW' drake type re-bore style is rushing through the UK Underground scene quicker than a bush fire. Stop it please! and that's to all of you, you're all talented creative people, get it out of your systems.
Download a copy and let me know what you think...

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