Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Grime scene saviour

Be careful that the 'cage' of the underground doesn't just flip open and show you the levels.

Chipmunk's the young MC that put the work in and evolved to be a chart topper. Although in the last couple days he's been exchanging boastful cussing matches with a some of the underground underdogs including Wiley. Let's be honest if you saw this 'beef' (I hate to call that it's on twitter for damn sakes) it was pretty much Wiley sending insults Chipmunk's way until he responded. With each throwing, in a nut shell 'I'm bigger than you, no I am, no I am' type, comments. Chipmunk made a surprising clash proposal, although instead of just heading down to Rinse FM or running down to the next dance he upgraded the clash and made the stakes bigger than Wiley had ever seen before: 'Let's do a F64 each, A concert for an hour each, Release an album on the same day (sales on the 1week)... Who ever loses, resigns. Let's be real as exciting as it is, it will never happen. Wiley is Wiley. A lot of talk, a lot of pop.

After the release of Chipmunk's Woooo Riddim last night it didn't take a nun to notice the direct send for Dot Rotten - 'I'm as rotten as rotten but I just dress better' - Rotten was clearly not happy and sent him this 'no your stylist dresses u up like a action man and u take the credit for it.' Dot will definitely make it musical, after all he is a musically creative artist (see I do like dot :) ) In reaction to some of the sending UK Rapper Low Key commented on the situation 'If Dot Rotten doesn't duppy Chipmunk with a riddim, I might have to Baghdad style. Stay humble'

Chipmunk is no stranger to getting hated on but usually it's just pointless 'you got a big head... you sold out' hate. Where and how does making all these big statements and sending for 'underdogs' really aid the underground's level of respect for you? We've all seen the rising and falling of Kano (clearly he's on the uprising again, haven't you heard his new tune!), surely that should be a lesson to swallow your pride and stay humble. These guys have nothing to lose in the bigger picture... but Chipmunk does. He may feel that people are always taking shots at him but surely be a bigger man about it rather than jump on the hottest beat of 2010 and cuss the whole scene & platform that helped you develop into the artist you're now. No matter how much he may hate it the mainstream world see his music as grime and see him as a grime artist and then disrespects grime when he gets an opportunity, it's not a good image at all.

Aside from that Tinchy's just gone into business with Jay Z, so expect more devil signs in videos and baphomet making a cameo in future releases. Nice though, aside from that, to see Tinchy getting some money up in there.


  1. abhimanyu (anonymous no more)2:00 PM

    haha. i guess you do like dot. man! there isn't any grime here in india (apart from the actual one). hell, youngsters in urban cities listen to popular american hip hop at best - eminem, jay-z, 50 cent, timbaland. even bone, thugs is a stretch. i know not a soul who has heard of craig david even, let alone dizzee. and here i am- been a fan right from the mj cole, artful dodger days. your comment made me feel strangely a part of the scene. haha its mad - keep the great work up

  2. Anonymous4:05 PM

    'He may feel that people are always taking shots at him but surely be a bigger man about it rather than jump on the hottest beat of 2010 and cuss the whole scene & platform that helped you develop into the artist you're now.'

    Real talk. hold tight frank

  3. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Chippy screwed Wiley there, he knows he cant compete on sales due to levels of promotion.
    Dont think sending for Dot is a good idea, lyrically Dot would take him down. Suppose its just for show though. Salute to Lowkey for his support there.

  4. Haha big up Abhimanyu. India yeah? What part exactly? It's interesting to hear people's views from further afield who like grime. Where did you first hear it?

  5. Big up Abhimanyu.
    I'm from Poland (not working it the UK lol), i've been a uk music fan since golden uk garage era as well. Then i felt in love with grime (no homo lol). Been listening / making beats and even some bars for a while now.
    And i want to big u up Hyperfrank (and JP) for being one of the most competent sources what's going on with the scene right now!

  6. abhimanyu5:04 PM

    western part of india - city called Jaipur - its a tourist hub with remnants of old forts. i first heard grime in 2001 i guess - there was no youtube and, from what i know, no blogs either. i was trying to locate some wideboys or bump & flex remix on, here it comes - napster (don't judge me i'll elaborate in this another time) and found a dizzee track called 'we aint havin it'- u heard it? and roll deep one called 'dem no ready'. just went from there on.of course i had heard maxwell d's serious, heartless crew's superglue riddim, pay as you go's know we but those were still bordering on 2step. Then was so solid, oxide neutrino etc. it's been interesting to see the way music in uk evolves in so organic a manner. i guess it's still a lot about the music there - as against usa - one feels sorry when grime artists talk about 'jigga' and 'diddy' and 'cash money' when originality is pretty much a thing of the past there. But I think grime is here to stay – it has a lot more attention and hence better reason to. moreover there are some people helping to keep things on track (wink wink!). at the risk of sounding like a 12 yr old girl (im a 26 yr old guy) you know all these guys personally no? im not the star-struck type but this feels kind of cool. Haaah! Btw you email tab says ‘page not found’ -initially thought of emailing this and if you find it too lengthy and tedious to post, you may just discard it or email me at . I’ve not discussed a word of grime (or ukg) with anyone ever so this is part venting – and i’ll take the liberty to let you know that I’d like to discuss more –grimewise- but completely understand if you don’t. anyway, keep the peace.


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