Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hyper meets Maxsta for MyBoxfresh


Read my full interview with Maxsta for Boxfresh... [HERE]

"What do you feel about some of the main pioneer’s involvement in commercial pop? Do you feel it’s giving a message of ‘money over music’ type of mentality to the new younger MC's coming through? Do you feel it’s made grime lack identity, with grime MC's making pop?

Yeah no doubt, the maddest thing is though in the eyes of pop fans, who don’t know anything about grime, grime is pop right now, it’s mad but that’s just the way it is. Before I would have totally just said them man are doing pop, they’re clowns but in the last month or so I’ve seen a lot of new things, met some new people and I kind of understand the whole concept of what’s going on. Some days I feel like, what do I owe grime? What has grime done for me? I look on the forums and I get more hate than love. People who say ‘f#*k stryder and chipmunk’ etc are just narrow minded haters, at the end of the day. You can’t hate on people like Roll Deep, Wiley and Stryder for doing pop, they’ve been here for a while, they’ve set the pace, built up the scene and now they need to go and conquer another world."

Go on have a little look ----->

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