Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's like they've forgot all the Logan shows, it's like they've forgot F*ck Radio


Chipmunk Version of the Woooo Riddim

Aside from his commercial success, Chip is releasing More Fun mixtape, which is a collaboration with Wretch 32 (and it's free). What was your thoughts of his version? I liked the 'I'm as rotten as rotten but I just dress better'- which no doubt will get a reaction from Dot Rotten - wow... Along with that Woooo Riddim has been made the new official sound for BBC Radio 1's news slot. PRS for S-X is looking nice...


P Money - Come Follow Me

P Money is one of the new pioneers of the grimestep (oh no I said it again) sound merging with the vulgar flow and bars of grime and the dirty sounds of dubstep. He's come exceeding strong this year, just as exceedingly good as Mr Kiplins cakes, and that's damn good. I'm looking forward to the next P Money mixtape as well as OG's Seasons 2. It will be interesting to see how it differs from the first season as several 'key' members like Dot Rotten who dominated a lot of the first release left/got kicked out and N.E sadly passed away.


  1. Anonymous8:02 AM

    clearly you have something against dot rotten - "several 'key' members like Dot Rotten who dominated a lot of the first release left/got kicked out ..." - as a journalist there is no need to intentionally put it that way
    and posting the chipmunk lyric from woo...

  2. I think you're looking into things too much. In many ways that was a compliment to Dot Rotten that he dominated the first season, it was an epic release. My point behind it was basically can they as a unit, without these guys, still make a great release together.

    As for the Woooo Riddim, it's the best line in the whole of the track for it's controversial attack just as much as the way he said it. Doesn't mean I hate Dot, really does it!?

    I'm a fan of music before anything else, otherwise I wouldn't do this blog. I wouldn't have every young dot/dot rotten mixtape in my collection if I hated him would I now?

  3. Anonymous5:35 AM

    you didn't have to mention his departure as "...left / kicked out". as far as most people are concerned, he left- disagreements or whatever. this comment would put it in a different perspective. and if you meant for the "kicked out" part to be for some other 'key' members - then the sentence could have been worded better to convey THAT and not what it actually did.

    just for the record - i check you blog daily - this observation was more out of fondness for it than anything.

  4. I completely respect that, I should of made it a little clearer. This isn't exactly my professional journalism it's a blog pretty much of my opinions just laid out there, because I'm a fan of music before anything. I'm just a little too blunt sometimes and it's clear, sometimes that can be perceived in a different way.

    Appreciate the regular reading and honesty.


  5. Edgar Constantino-Gualtier Borg-Rodriguez9:24 PM

    When I saw this I pounced out of my seat twice:
    1. BIGGG TUUUNE (Liking me the "Grimestep" in general and how a variety of MCs have put their 2 pence in i.e. Skepta, D Double E, Scorcher, Terminator, Dot Rotten)... And on a side note Chase & Status working with Dizzee Rascal and Tempa T also made me quite the happy chappy

    2. I'm 16 so yes i'm a "yout" and yes I do go to underage "raves" like UTR which to be fair are pretty bodied at delivering frequent top grime artists to their events and on their 25 July Event they have Doctor P and P Money... on the same set :) im looking forward to the best hour of my life.

    P.S. your blog + im1music.net pretty much ensures my music library has every single new grime track fresh from before it's even off the press; so please keep up the good work and be sure that when I turn 18 i'll be coming down to one of your events because the line ups always look ha-yuuuge.


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