Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Video: Maxsta - East London Is Back


  1. Lam Nes11:36 AM

    he's a talented mc bt i dnt appreciate him sayin east is back, we never left. As long as you've got ur Wiley's, Kano's and Ghetts workin how can we not be on the map. I hear that North saturated the game for a while but East has never disappeared

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM

    He WAS hard for his age ..now hes just jumping onto this comericial shit and throwing up illuminati signs like the "all-in-eye" illuminati sign at 0:46 it pisses me off how the grime scene is turning to the hiphop scene in the US. We need to step our UK game upp..maybe i need to start making tunes without illuminati bullshit and create Piff videos..watch out UK :)

  3. I'm quite into the whole music industry conspiracy but that sign has been used for years to specify the area E3. Wiley, Tinchy, Maxsta, Lee Brasco and a hell of a lot of other's from the area do it.


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