Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What happened when you saw me blud? It was a whole different story blud... If I was you I'd worry, I'll make you move somewhere down Surrey

Maxsta Featuring Kano - East London Is Back Remix (Extra Verse) [Download]

Might of been nice to of jumped on a remix of the beat, but that's the only picky thing I can think of, as it is Kano does goes in hard with that skippy home sweet home flow. I'm really liking all the new material I've been hearing from Kane over the last couple months and even better that he's been watching the scene enough to pick up on this track. Do hear the full non bombed out rip GO HERE. I agree with Kano on this one as well that I'm surprised that Wiley or Ghett's hasn't jumped on to do their own version since it's quite a strong sentimental statement.


B-Live ft Skepta , Trigga & Newham Generals - Modern Warfare 2

I've been bubbling to this for the last week and I'm trying to figure out my favourite feature. I'm stuck between D Double E's verse or Skepta's classic signature flow but then again the way Skepta merges with Footsie's intro is so smooth. I'm biting my nails here people, I'm going to have to go for Double, what do you think?

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