Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You're soft in the middle like a chocolate eclair


Merky Ace - Eskiboy Freestyle

MERKY ACE - The One's That Didn't Make It [DOWNLOAD]

This guy is definitely one to watch, each promo he's put out, and we're talking nearly as many as I can count on both my hands, has shown progression and more of a defined Merky sound (Which is obviously the idea of promo mixtapes). He's one of my favourite young authentic pioneers of the grime sound. With the attack on his Eskiboy freestyle along with his track Conspiracy, his style & flow at some points remind me of a younger meridian Big H & '05 Skepta. Blue Battlefield is in the works at the moment, as the official mixtape, and will definitely be a shock to the system for a lot of supports who haven't spotted him on the radar yet. So for now enjoy The One's That Didn't Make It and imagine what kind of work did make it, if this was just the 'throw away' material.

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