Friday, July 09, 2010

The original urban Wiley big godfather give away - ( Wiley Zip file bonanza )


Wiley talks about why he leaks 10 folders of music

You're probably thinking what on earth has happened, is he pulling some classic over dramatised typical Wiley stunt? The answer is balancing on the fence, of out of this planet to stereotypical Eski. It appears that Wiley has got a little anoyed with management and control issues with his music and has decided in usual William fashion to just take it into his own hands and leak a whole back catalogue of his own music, including the album that he had just signed a new record deal with. I don't know if Kylie is going to wake up tomorrow feeling fresh as a bar of dove soap or wake up after a little c**** binge and think to himself 'Did I really do that?????' On one side people could argue that he's an absolute idiot, that he's going to annoy a lot of people who thought they were going to get a nice pay check and on the other he's took back the control to his own music. Imagine how many people are going to see this blog post and spit their morning coffee out at their computer screen. Whatever was on his mind if this is the result of a years work then he should be extremely proud as their are some absolute bangers hidden within these zip folders.

Check the audio above for a recent mini interview into what the hell was on his mind. What a crazy genius we have for a godfather... Are you ready in true Rude Kid style?

Wiley - Zip Folder Give Away - expect a mass amount of unheard beats, grime, commercial electro and experimental music as well as heard Wiley collaborations and memorable releases from the godfather and part time king of grime.

Check out: Electric Boogaloo, Never Be Your Woman & Can't Get Enough are big commercial pop tunes . 8BNC is Wiley on a good day observing the world at a stand still while The Elusive is full on grime king Wiley going straight in hard and loaded with all Mak 10's blazing. Us Against The World has that calm feel about it just like the feel of Dizzee's Dean but with a Wiley twist worming through his thoughts, struggles and lyrics throughout the years. What They Want chorus reminds me of some attempted Rihanna fail, I couldn't stop laughing.

Okay so Electric is something like corn beef tinned with a side order or Electric Boogaloo, leave that crap out please. Swimming sounds like Wiley got drowned by crazy frog while Trina's Pull Over chorus is screamed by on lookers. Exp 102 attacks the beat in true eski boy style quick and fast past freestyle. Magic is serious, Mz Bratt and Ice Kid go in but it ends up getting a little lost in electro and auto tune through the mid to the end.

I Owe You sends back jaga from PDC while Brand New Groove is a bait Commercial chart single. While a lot of the collection of music that has been leaked is completely unheard William as added a few classics like '09's Head banger and '04's Doorway demonstration not only how much he's changed over the years but also how some of his music has completely been watered down. Then we get mad woiii moment with Ice Kid, Kano and Wiley collaboration Hello People is just another reason why Ice Kid needs to focus on music. Remember the clip I had on my Pigeon Face with Ice Kid well this was Don't Hide Away, the Mike Skinner collab with Wiley, Rinse & Ice Kid, I would of paid good money for this track.

Livin It Up and Loose Your featuring Mz Bratt are the best tunes easily out of this bundle of pop, however Temptation would of been epic if the verses would of had more of a jungle or drum and bass harder edge.

25 Freestyle is Wiley showing he still has it, wow, he sounds like he's spitting bars that just pop in his head like his life depending on it. One of my favourite tunes from the A-List Runway, which the beat is going to be pushed on Professor Green's next single. After a few decent tracks Wiley seems to of listened a few too many times to Drake's Thank Me Later with his Thank Me After, which slyly isn't a bad tune (don't judge me). He's also leaked Sidetracked without JME's verses....

I is a re-fixed beat of several beats including Where's My Brother, grime flows from Wiley & Brazen. Grimedaley is a full on straight grime track and the chorus doesn't have auto tune (thumbs up) so it's a smash. Face Off Bars features Opium who reminds me of a Turkish version of Will, the way he spits, talks and thinks is literally eski boy. Still Gonna Miss is the tip of the grimey iceberg which sounds like an updated classic Wiley sound, like the sounds of Pies & Treddin On Thin Ice with an American bass twist, Sem is a don.

Bass & Trigz 09 set an authentic underground vibe and then Wiley follows with mouldiest track within the folders labelled Happy pure cheese electro. Along with a few other added tracks there's a bundle of great unheard instrumentals straight from Mr Cowies Laptop (MC's your time)

A package formed of mix of killer beats, Morgue Remix hits you up with an oriental Japan remixed Pie's, describing it sounds out of this world, it is. Mc Lyric & Done It Already is just another pure grime freestyle attack track while Untrustworthy is like '03 eskimo dance era meets '10 auto tune electro loving will. Bun A Lickle Weed is a great part 2 to In A Corner and Frozen would of made a strong album edition to bring together the party bangers.





Some of the files uploaded have been taken from GRIMEFORUM so a few when downloading a few of the names have too many instead of .zip so if it doesn't extract the first time try editing it. Also check that link if some of the links have expired.

1 comment:

  1. Rashie6:19 AM

    Best tracks I've ever heard from teh godfather.
    Wiley continues to evolve with more complex lyrics and better hooks. As usual with every release he comes up with a new sound for everyone else to follow.

    I doubt anyone will be pissed off with the leak since half the collabos are unfinished and demo tracks. It will all work in favour for em all. If the featured artists didnt get their P before doing the track then they are int eh wrong business. You dont make much from tracks after they are released.
    Perfect promotion, perfect way to get everryone hooked for more to come. Wiley just proves he IS THE KING of GRIME and UK MCing.

    What they want from me explains what all the grime kids are yearning for and is the bare truth.

    Money on more Money is a banger

    Art of Grime is exactly what the title says. Especially the last verse going back to Eski/igloo days. This ones of eternal repeat for the dedicated Wiley fans.

    You got the harder/rougher Maniac sounding beats which he rips through with lyrical talent and perfect flows - MC Pon 141, Grime Daley, Talent etc. Not to mention the updated classic Eskibeat sounds such as Hello People, Ice Roads, Life Goes On and Breeze's Freestyle.

    Cant wait to see what the scene comes up with to get on par with Willy kat


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