Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I've been away for the last four years bruvs tell me what have you done? NOTHING


Crazy Titch - Do Some Work (Mr Slash Production)

Over the past 4 years, the scene has undeniably been missing a raw extreme energy, that the likes of Tempa T and Ghetts have in some ways filled. Although in all honesty the unique aggressive but some what humorous manor of Crazy Titch isn't something that can be matched that easily. If people can rewind their minds back to the heat that was created by I Can C U and Sing-along, which introduced us to one of the originators of the angry hype man. He blessed us with Crazy Times Vol 1 which was a CD as well as a DVD, which was filled with classic Titch moments like parring the taxi driver and getting thrown off his plane (from 1.25).


Fast forward a few years through his bendy music career and he was sentenced to life imprisonment for his involvement in a murder (read here). Many shunned him and cleared him from the records, while others that loved his singalongs and hype as well as the people that knew him closely, still shouted 'free titch' regularly on sets. Ignoring the energy that he had added to elements of grime, as well as significant moments he added to within the scene, was impossible to ignore. Most fans simply looked at his music up till 05/06 as the only music we would ever hear from him.

Then last week SBTV released an exclusive and insightful interview with him regarding everything we'd always wanted to ask him while he's been away... Dizzee, Jail, New Comers...


If that wasn't enough he hasn't put down the pen or mic, even being in jail, he's been recording and has put together Crazy Times Vol 2 which should be dropping in the next month, which is apparently not the best of him yet....


  1. Abhimanyu4:49 PM

    this is the disturbing thing about grime - titch might be a great talented MC, but he's in jail for MURDER - i just heard a couple of freestyles ripped from logan sama's show and he's still talking about guns and breaking bones - "i'm just a criminal, acting a rapper" (i think thats what i heard) - plus he's putting out a mixtape - so the message is - its ok to murder coz being a criminal is a matter of pride and it will get you respect. every MC wants to come across as a criminal, for what? respect? to be accepted and respected as a "badman"? so actually they want to do illegal stuff to be accepted - that means it would take real guts for someone to talk about regular stuff...i wonder who? (please, nobody say that they talk about stuff they go through - that would mean that every MC kills 1 person every week, every MC is the best MC and every MC is the physically strongest man who has never been hit by another person and wins every fight)

  2. I myself am an MC that tries to talk about stuff they actually do, and I know many prominant MC's personally that lie through there teeth about what they do or who they are. But this is just one of those things, Titch said in a quite early track "this is the life that I chose" and its the truth. It's very unfortunate that Titch got caught up in such an unfortunate succession of events.

    Ultimately prison is about putting away people deemed dangerous to society, not reforming them, and whilst his music hasn't changed, it doesn't have to, any new interview will show you that Titch is not only reflective and conscientious of his crime and the cost of his action.

    The lessons of his story are available for all to see. At the same time, I reject the idea that he should sound deflated in some manner. It is a credit to the Grime scene that he is still actively trying to "do some work" and even though he's still talking grease it only furthers the reaffirmation that such action could land you in jail.

    Remember, if there's anything wrong with Grime, it's a symptom of societies sickness rather than cause *_* http://bizzydot.blogspot.com


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