Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Black The Ripper & DJ Gone - Flood The Industry


Black The Ripper & DJ Gone - Flood The Industry - [DOWNLOAD]

We've got a big collection of new fresh music here from our very own raw and outspoken Black The Ripper, and it's all free. If you've never come across Samson Samson, then you must of been in quarantine for the last 5 years, well that's the only way you could respect yourself if you haven't. Edmonton N18 representer, caught people's attention by clashing, and actually winning, some of North London's finest talent on AXE FM. I first met him back in 06 when we physically trekked, along with a host of other new talent, to Scotland [GO HERE for footage]. He's got a massive back catalogue that would even impress Godfather Wiley, with his newest mixtape Edmonton Dream [BUY HERE] boasting 60 unheard tracks. With so many people jumping back on the MC bandwagon, since 'grime' hit the charts, it's straight forward for people to ask, what on earth makes this guy different from the rest? His constructive flow may seem straight forward but his music speaks volumes, with honest uncut street poetry. Rather than glamorising street life to a point he chooses more to highlight a lot of the the real issues that happen in his estate and in and around his area. Check out the insightful interview with Black The Ripper for MTV's The Wrap Up where he talks honestly about selling out to go mainstream for money, Chipmunk and Master 'Jeggings' Shortie - [Go Here]



Video: Trilla Jermain Trilloski - WHO ARE YA?

LMAO, wow. Now I really don't know about this song, wow, but all I know is his Wooo Riddim is madness. Big up Trilla though, been around reppin midlands for years.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm doing what I want & what I like & couldn't really care if it's wrong or right

Wiley top 4 crews

A-List - Runway [DOWNLOAD MP3] [Mediafire]

The A list, another collective bought to you by William, I haven't really discussed them on here because firstly I'm aware of how MC's just talk and talk. Secondly they haven't really released anything (decent), thirdly because I don't like fromage (only on pizza - real talk) and lastly look what happened to Roll Deep - care to shake a leg down this avenue? NO! This free promotional download, for the release of Midnight sexual Lover, gives you a taster however of the stuff they were getting up to in them swanky studios, and it wasn't just showing them off to anybody that would record them. (1) (2) Why is everyone so on Dubstep's penis these days? Don't get me wrong I enjoy it, great keys of production, but to me it's just missing something. Either way I've never heard Wiley properly on a dub influenced beat, it works well, I prefer this track to Midnight Lover (Out April 5th). The A list seem to be a more relevant version of Roll Deep, before The Avenue but less hard edged with more commercial appeal. I, just like the rest of you, don't really enjoy the seeping cheesy manufactured pop grime coming out. However I'd prefer music that gives a better picture of the underground rather than just a knock off attempt at how grime could be washed down commercially. Does A List give that? Only time will tell...
This track features: Sadie Ama, Shola Ama, J2K, Wiley, K, Mz Bratt and Brazen.

Wiley introduces the A-list [HERE]
A-list Westwood Freestyle DJ JJ - [HERE]

If grime was a pirate, Logan would have the eye patch but who would be the parrot?


Came across this great documentary on Pirate Radio, Matt Mason (ex RWD Editor), talks to Logan Sama, Scratcha DVA among a host of other current and previous Pirate DJ's. He goes to the original radio stations, where it all began, out at sea, as well as looking at the current state of tower block stations. Climbing up the side of a tower block, balancing on tip toes on the edge for the sake of music, that's passion.

Palladium Boots - London Pirate Radio Documentary [WATCH]
They were also responsible for helping put together Logan Sama's recent exclusive track give away. [GO HERE]

Monday, March 29, 2010

Everybody got a problem slyly, everybody got a problem - It's Wiley, the way I power up the city in my nikey

Wiley and Dizzee Playing Space Invaders PS

Wiley - Space Invader

This is such a level headed, grime but catchy track from William, reminds me of the way he reflects on Where's My Brother. Wiley cracked out on Twitter in his V neck jumper takes away the attention from some of the great music he's made and is making. Take a side the cheese puff's like Wearing My Rolex, Never Be Your Woman, Shake A Leg's etc this track gives you a picture of Eskiboy's view at the moment. While certain MC's are letting their British Gas duel fuel quarterly bill chat breeze for them in 'interviews', instead of letting their music talk, Wiley addresses the past and present. His flow goes back and forth like Space Invader is the conclusion part to My Mistakes, reflecting on his thought process and talks about Maniac & Titch. I'm chating pure breeze now - just listen to the tune - it's good.

Devlin and Giggs PS

Devlin Ft. Giggs - Shot Music (Prod By. Music Kidz)

I don't know what to think of this one since I've been listening to it for the last couple of days I've been battling my opinion. Devlin's verses are always strong and the chorus is seamlessly just as strong, but the Giggs verse is pointless. It kills the track, his hollowman cold flow usually hovers over the beat but he just sounds lazy and bored. The collaboration is great, since these two have never worked together so it's nice seeing these two experimenting. I think it might of just worked best with Devlin on his own, it's hard to pin point who would of sounded better.


Frisco ft Sway - Mashup The Party

A surprising collaboration but it really works, strangely, I was preparing to put this up to hate but it just goes to show, you should let the music talk for itself. Frisco, when he's left to mash up a beat, he does it well. Just look at Darkside (I remember having this track like 2years back - no lies it's a madness) and the recent Training Day, it's also great to see Sway back after being on and off music for a while.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Video: Tempa T - Chating Shit

I know a few people I could sing this song to. Is it as good as Next Hype? Whatever you think, seeing him LIVE is something you have to do at least a few times. Enjoying grime on your PC or CD player/youtube is one thing but seeing acts LIVE is something you have to do. Check out a heap of images I'm going to post in the tomorrow of a few raves over the country that I've been to, Grime LIVE in effect.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Give BBC some of that grime FLAVA

So grime has gone from a stage of no one (media wise) really caring about it, to grime artists charting, being radio play listed and now making its presents felt on the television airwaves. For some months now, I've been enjoying Grime Daily's weekly installments on Flava TV (Sky 357), which is becoming the most watched music channel every week (statistics don't lie). Luckily if you miss the Friday slot, you can catch the repeats on Saturday and Sunday. If you by some chance don't have a TV or miss it because you're that busy shotting crack to your nan, a week later you can catch in on their YOUTUBE.

This newest episode we catch up with Tempa T, pumping mad weights and Chating Shit, Bashy in quarantine, Roachee and Stutta.


If you've been paying attention to the BBC channels then you would of noticed SBTV's Jail Tales, which are freestyles, based around stories of jail on BBC THREE. Durty Goodz was easily my favorite, check all of them over derrrrr fam. Following from this, we've also been lucky to have a pilot 'urban' underground culture and music slot called No Hats No Trainers over on BBC 2. Check out some great interviews, behind the scenes footage and mista jam with his body licked off over here on iplayer. Basically if you like this concept and think the BBC need to start putting some of OUR taxes into what WE want, then hit up Mista Jam's blog to see how you can support.

Logan Sama X Palladium Boots = bludclartttttttttttttt reload

Logan Sama


There's been so much quality music been put out for free in the last couple weeks, so as a grime fan, let's be grateful that we haven't had to pay for it. OG's Hot Ones - Royal T remix is crazy, I'm surprised that I haven't heard it in a dance yet, I will slap up every person stood still when I do. pinky. Frisco gives a laid back hiphop edge to Wooo's SX's newest beat on Training Day. One of Ghetto's newest killer anthems Trained To Kill keeps the collection, strong and sturdy. Hang on is that Dot Rotten on the hook, me thinks so. There's also some sick editions that I've wanted to buy like Rapid's Go Rapid and Little Nasty & Yunga Hunga's Badda Dan Dem. This is literally an exclusive free load of madness of what grime has to offer you for the last quarter of 2010. Keep it coming, L'ereal.

P.S: Theres a sneaky download folder of the P & G sending from the start of the year.


01 Newham Generals - Introduction
02 O.Gs - Hot Ones (Royal-T Remix)
03 Rapid - Go Rapid
04 Badness - Go Bing
05 Dot Rotten - The Rotten Club News Report (Woooo Riddem)
06 Griminal - ChaChing Freestyle
07 Scorcher ft Terminator - Spartan Gang (Rude Kid Productions)
08 O.Gs - What The Rass
09 Jammer - I'm A Star
10 Frisco - Training Day
11 Trim - Stereotype
12 Ghetts - Trained To Kill
13 Little Nasty & Yunga Hunga - Badda Dan Dem
14 Big H ft. Bossman Birdie & President T - Hooligan Remix

Bonus: P Money vs Ghetts The War Report
01 Introduction
02 Ghetts - All Black Winter
03 Ghetto vs Ghetts - Suicide
04 P Money - The Dub
05 P Money - The warning
06 Ghetts - The Destruction Of The Eiffel Tower

Friday, March 26, 2010

They don't like me now, what's new, they never liked me before, suck your mum with a ribena straw

Hip hop or grime ghett's is in my Top3. SHATAP. Calm Before The Storm is going to prove a lot of things and people wrong.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



Just downloading as we speak - do the same and [DOWNLOAD] now.

Just listened - this is crammed full of bangers and is a must have to download, seriously it's difficult to pick out my 3 favorites but 2010, is fire alie!? Alliance which features one of my favorite mc's Young Kye and Vortex. As well as that theres the Vacation Remix on there featuring Kosha on the hook, Wiley, Ghetts and Dubz. Surprised he gave all these tracks away for free, from what I'm hearing it's just a nice instalment before the epic material is released through his new album. Enjoy...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Video: A-List - Midnight Lover

Official video from the newly established group/crew the A-list. Wiley singing makes me laugh but it is clearly quite dairy lee catchy. The way he says 'she yerns for me, i got the ting right' and she rubs his whole head like shes preparing some voodoo madness, cracks me up. Sex sells apparently, but with no hair and no goatee Will's looking more like he's just shot a low budget porno, for elderly sugar daddies rather than a music video. Reminds me of a real life old wiley photoshop I did years back...

Saturday, March 20, 2010


master shortie

I'm a bit confused, so must you be. Stepping on to Hyperfrank soil and seeing master shortie. Don't worry kids, I haven't been paid off to blog a load of turd, I just wanted to talk and this will the only time I downgrade myself, I promise. Frank talks to you. Now there's a few rumors going on around about Master Shortie being signed to Young Money. I really don't know if this is true or just hype but seriously is bird man trying to knock on my front door and tell me that Master 'we get our skinny jeans from the same shop,floor and rail' Shortie, is the main and only decent talent we have here in the UK? He's a bait goodie, goodie option. That guy who's never been in trouble, never shot crack or pretended to for street cred. That guy who grew up performing in The Lion King and now enjoys spending his days triming his tash to the perfect shape, who am I kidding it's bum fluff buffed up with shoe polish. Maybe I'm just taking this a tad personally but, they done a good job with Jay Sean, Master Shortie might just be the new English Drake. Who knows. I don't know who's gassed more right now, me or the balls of master shortie in them tight jeans.

[/rant over]

Friday, March 19, 2010








Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hyper Meets Chipmunk


After completing a succesful UK tour with Tinie Tempah and Skepta as supporting acts, Chipmunk has his sight set on yet another one this year. I caught up with Mr. Chip Diddy Chip, to talk about his forthcoming tour, haters and more... (Originally for MTV's The Wrap Up)

So Chipmunk, you’ve just finished up your official tour. What was that whole experience like for you...
It was live, it was good to bring the songs from ‘I AM CHIPMUNK’ to life. It was nice seeing which song the people took to more than the other and the single the people responded most to was ‘Sometimes’.

How did it feel performing in areas that you’ve never performed before?
I performed in most the areas before on Tinchy Stryder’s tour and running around with N-Dubz every now and again. Just performing in general was great, but performing on my own headlining tour is the most exciting part.

You returned back to London for your final show how did it feel performing in your home city? Did it feel different from other shows?
It was just crazy. All my mates came down, so it was proper live. N-Dubz, Ironik, Skepta and Tinie Tempah were there too, so it was massive. It didn’t differ to the other cities, but it made me hyper, it was crazy in London.

You’ve performed at many underground club nights. How would you explain the difference between ‘spitting’ at a rave, to doing a full concert performance?
The space. The freedom and the sound checks that a concert gives. You don’t have to improvise on the spot. Nothing goes wrong if you got a good sound team. It’s just all good and like I’ve said before, everything is like a good platform to take you further; I don’t understand why anyone would want to jump up and down on the same spot.

Skepta and Tinie Tempah just finished performing with you on your tour. Why did you choose those two as the artists to open your shows?
They’re both cool guys. Skepta is someone I used to listen to before I even did music and Tinie is just a decent guy, it's just as simple as that. Tinie Tempah reached number one and the tour helped, but I just knew it was going to happen. It was a good song, he's a good guy and he was a part of a good tour. It was going to a happen with a clear path.

You’ve just announced that you’re doing another tour in June, called ‘Shine Shine Tour’. Tell us more about what fans are to expect from it?
We’re really targeting cities that we never hit on the current tour. On the ‘Shine Shine Tour’ in June/July, we’re re-packaging the album and bringing out the new tracks and new singles. Honestly, this is this is the sign out of the old Chipmunk, after studying my album I did a mixtape ‘For The Fun Of It’ and after listening to both I feel like I’m at a stage that my foots in the door. It's not like I've not been making what I want, because I have been making what I want, but I need to push myself a bit more lyrically. Charts and all that are all good, success on paper is nice, but what I stand for and what I care about is the lyrics and the poetry side of things. The flow, the delivery and the content is where I feel I can push myself further and up my own levels. I feel I need to and then I can compete with the best in the world, but I will never forget this country. I honestly don’t feel there’s a lot of MCs that can stand next to me when it comes to beats, bars, camera, action, go! So I need to execute that into my music more.

Who will you have supporting you this time around and why?
I’m not too sure yet. It’s more about who wants to take the step to come and perform. They have to be on that certain level where they have something to present and I have to like them as well. I’ve had the pleasure of supporting Tinchy Stryder, we get along and it’s not like it’s someone who can’t stay in your dressing room, you don’t want to talk to or hang with, it’s got to be a whole experience. We got to roll, you got to come and kill it and you’ve got to be someone that has something to promote as well. I don’t mind sharing my audience, I’m confident in myself, but a lot of artists are scared to put other MCs on their bill because they don’t want to get out shadowed, but I’m nice.

Since your success in the charts in 2009 with 'Oopsy Daisy, you’ve received some criticism from some artists and supporters in the underground music scene, saying that you’ve changed your sound and even sold out. What’s your view on this?
The people that criticise me are most probably not even music buyers. No one really wants to be stuck in the same position, let’s be real. I couldn’t care less what those people say, because really, come and stand next to me if you’re an MC and you have something to say. Let’s press play on a beat, bars and we will see. Why do I need to even care? I managed to put myself in a situation where I am respected in the world of selling music, you know? It’s not easy. Making music is one thing, being able to sell units is another. I don’t know if people are complacent with being broke and famous, but that’s not a nice combination. If tomorrow all the success was to stop and they decided to stop supporting certain guys, all of the charts and all of the awards were to go, and then it would go back to the art form of just beats, bars and freestyles. You know when me and Ice Kid went on Westwood, that is what opened the doors for people to go on there and get Westwood to even want to hear people. So if you want it, we can go, I don’t really want to mind, I really couldn’t care less. I will make what I want to make. I’m happy and I’m in a nice place.

Dizzee Rascal’s label ‘Dirtee Stank’ has currently got 3 signed acts under it who are all from the underground music scene. Tinchy Stryder has also his ‘Star In The Hood’ label that he has Maveric under. Is there any plan for Chip to do the same? And if so, who would you choose to sign?
Not right about now, I’ve got my own set up and it’s called Cash Motivations. That’s me, CM, Chipmunk, Cash Motivations. Cash is the motivation, so that is just me and that is what we’re pushing for. Like I just said, my thing right now is that I just don’t want people to come and stand next to me lyrically, I’m building on myself before I can help anyone else. I just want to keep going and forget the success, come and stand next to me lyrically. SBTV’s F64, however you want to do it, we can do it, I’m cool.

You’ve achieved so much in the last few years, a number one hit, 2 MOBO awards, a sold out tour and a massive selling album. What’s next for Chipmunk? And what would you like to accomplish next?
The on paper success with the right mentality and the right song, it can be done. The only thing that is going to separate me from other people that try to do what I do, is the lyrics side of things. Success on paper is great, but to have a number one is great, to have plaques on your wall is great, to sell out a tour is great, to win awards is great, but that is something that other people can do. I don’t want to even move on from it, but I just want more. What can separate me from other artists is the lyrics side of things, I don’t want to be put in the inner basket or collective, I just want to be respected as Chipmunk.

Stay up to date with Chipmunk on Twitter -

Chip’s new single Until You Were Gone will be available to buy from 19th April 2010.

A version of this appeared on MTV's The Wrap Up

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Video: OG's 8bar

This performed on stage would be crazy. GRIME IS NICE. KEEP TO IT.

Video: Devlin going in

He maybe signed but from what it looks like he's not going to lose his grime sound for nothing. Check his bait bars for the 'soft' guys moistening their sound for the charts. He goes in.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Genevas I saw your nan she has wearing the same scalf as jam she was getting whined out by about 6 man


When you combine the two worlds of grime and fashion your mind doesn't really go any further than Footlocker. Think black or grey Nike tracksuits, New era hat just covering the eyes, a pair of 'exclusive' Nike Air Max straight from JD, all complimented by a pair of Cubic Zirconia Studded earrings straight from Argos. Nothing fancy, more of their time is spent writing bars and analysing the lyrics of Tupac or even Ghetts to bother catching up with the latest styles in Vogue. Is green the new pink? Are tight jeans for homme the new baggy jeans with boxers showing!? No single person cares... or do they?


My mum used to have 5closets full to the brim of clothes from the 60's all the way up to the present day. She always talked about how fashion evolves and then comes right back with what was trending a decade before. However it must of been Jay Z's Nan who told him the same old story because ever since his Run This Town video, he along with the a whole heap of UK artists have been actually listening to their hyped out stylists and made a tribute to nobody more important that their own little old ladies in their life. The Nanny Look.


Tinchy Stryder wears au granny exceptionally well complimenting his silver Donald Duck chain with his gold own brand of Star In The Hood T shirts. He looks like [fill in your own joke here]


Old Ladies usually wear them to cover their just permed hair from the rain but not Tinie Tempah he likes to take the look to the extreme. Just like the rest of them, INSIDE in the warmth with no rain to be seen, with sunglasses on rocking a black veil like he's just about to marry himself off. At one point he turned around so fast during his performance he flicked one guy in the eye and he made him [bait joke]

Seriously what the hell is next? Griminal and Skepta rolling up to a performance wearing kilts? or going on grime daily all half iron maned up. Stylist or no stylist, this is grime not the run way, grime might be in the charts but you're not Jay Z, hopefully not he's the devil guy. Whatever happened to the guys who stopped fronting that they had the big money, you have a Vuitton scarf on your head but you just manage to give the rent in on time. I tried to keep it in but Jammer just killed it just made me explode (no sexual).

I'll send for the mash and then send for the shank


Massive line up, the idea is if you become a fan on facebook to this event then you get guestlist entry. GO HERE to get that.

Man watched me get rushed pulled out the popcorn and watched me get up, I was majorly pissed.

Dot Rotten - The Rotten Club News Report (Woo Riddem Freestyle- SX Production)

Since the Ghetts Vs P Money clash is pretty much dead now it was surprising to hear Dot Rotten issue a response on something that P touched on in the clash. 'I can't stand Mc's they're like freaky hoes, they wanna turn on me. I'm above that, he ain't in a ditch and I haven't got a shovel so why would I get dirt on P?' Touches on a few subjects including leaving OG's and also the reason why he left Hoodstars. It's all heating up...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wanna clash maxsta the boss and they don't write no lyrics they're not wise when I'm ere kid I run the city like Blair did so keep your ears on grime


Maxsta - Woo Riddim Freestyle (Produced by SX) [download]

This is a new freestyle going away the net of Max over the hot beat of the minute (thanks to sbtv) the Woo Riddim from producer SX. Sending for a few guys on there - just listen it's obvious - do I really have to spell the names out for you!? Okay I shall. Darkos & Kozzie gets the main bomb with "You ain't fully on arms, cos i'll make your color fade just like the wooly on darkos..." (2.10) and "Come on fam, my name ain't Kozzie so run on fam my name ain't dodgy... " ( 1.44) I recently caught up with this young talented MC in an interview for MTV UK Online. He described his journey up to now as "A rollercoaster to say the least, a lot of good times, some bad times, but overall it’s been a good journey. I started off with a five pound microphone from Argos and a computer with some of my boys in my bedroom after school, so it’s great to be here right now..." Catch the interview over here. For the full interview which is pretty much unedited, you can find it on my blog in the next day. His project The Maxtape is out on the 29th March.

Jammer - Better Than (Lorn Remix) [download]

Liking this remix of Better Than, I'm also looking forward to seeing how the album that he is bringing out with Big Dada, in the next coming month, is going to turn out. I'm not going to comment until I hear the actually album and try not to get caught up in any opinions until then. Also white you're hear I've uploaded a couple of interviews I've done, including one I did for Blues & Souls Magazine a few years back. Check it out over here. Better Than OUT NOW to buy from Itunes.

Don't be a stranger, Tinchy Stryder's & Kano's new mixtape shall be dropping in an instant. I also am doing a heap of new interviews for MTV's The Wrap Up with your favorite artists. Keep your eyes peeled.

P.S: I saw Lightning the other day in Stratford, what the hell is he doing these days? Tried to run after him to get the low down but he was gone in a flash.

Back Of The Q Presents Trim

Back Of The Q April

Date: Thursday 8th April
Music: GRIME, Trim and DJ Carnage.
Location: The Old Blue Last, Great Eastern Street.
Price: £4

Chockablock Present the Grime Forum Awards

Chockablock april

Date: Friday 9th April
Music: GRIME, the line up are the winners of the awards.
Location: The EGG, York Road - Kings Cross.
Price: £6 Guestlist - email

Free Mercston - Better Late Than Never


Mercston - Days Events

It was only a year or so ago people were still shouting "Free Mercston", now Mercston's free he's giving us some freeness to make sure people know he's back. Better Late Than Never has everything to offer from an old school grime vibe with his version of the classic Pied Piper freestyle. I'm Sleeping Featuring Wretch 32 carries a great hip hop reflective track and then there's even some Electro Pop with Wiley's Living It Up Remix with Chipmunk and Mercs. Stay away from Money Making which has the worst chorus I've ever heard, why do MC's attempt to sing!? The crime is also committed on Soldier. Either way if you agree with my picky criticisms or not, he smacked every side of the grime, electro and hiphop.

Download straight from:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hyper Meets Maxsta

East London, the geographical birth place of grime, has popped out another specimen for us that is sure to fly the flag, into the next decade. Maxsta is from the new generation of young and pure grime spitters emerging. Who grew up listening to the classic days of grime as the music that shaped their route of inspiration. With Chipmunk, Griminal and even Devlin going from the young guys to watch, to current and future chart toppers, Maxsta is the new name on everyone's lips and finger tips. I caught up with him to talk Marvell's Double S, grime mc's going mainstream and The Maxtape... (Originally for MTV The Wrap Up)

How did you get into music and what’s your journey been like to get to this point?
It’s been a rollercoaster to say the least, a lot of good times, some bad times but overall it’s been a good journey. I started off with a five pound microphone from Argos and a computer, with some of my boys in my bedroom after school, so its great to be here right now.

What and who were you listening to growing up?
Dizzee Rascal, Kano, Ghetts were my three favourite artists but I listened to a lot of music when I was younger. I was into grime right from the start, the first grime CD's I bought were JME's Shut Yuh Mut and Ghetto's 2000 and life. I feel like I fell in love with the sound right from the start, at the moment I can't go a day with out listening to some sort of grime, even if it's just my own music.

“I’m KISS you’re DEJA- I ain’t got time for your crew” - What crews and Mcs haven’t you got time for?
That lovely award there would have to go to Big H, there are not any crews I don’t like to be honest, but I don’t like big H at all!

Anyone you worked with, who you wished you hadn’t?

You were in the crew, Mucky Wolf Pack, what was the situation around you joining?
The wolf pack thing was just to do with me hanging around Bow E3, getting introduced to whole wolf pack team, and having my music heard by the older lot of the pack, like Gods Gift. I had to clash another MC on Roman Road which decided whether I was in or not. Thankfully I won, because it was one of the moves that shaped my career.

Why did you join Wolf Pack and not Nasty Crew, since this was the crew based around where you lived?
I'm from Newham so a lot of people ask me this question but its just a thing of, not really having any affiliation with any of Nasty Crew. So even if there was a chance of it happening, which would have been real cool, it just didn’t.

What happened to the Pack?
It got to a point where there were a lot of members, including Snoopy and Maniac, who had different ideas of what they wanted to do. I never actually wanted to leave but at the time there was some confusion going on with Wiley and Wolf pack. By that time I had affiliations myself with both sides, I didn’t want to have to cancel either partnership so I had to go solo.

A lot of people including myself, first heard you when you sent for Double S/Marvell, why did this beef even start?
I got a call from Jammer, talking about Lord Of The Mics 3 and he asked me who I might want to clash. I decided Double S. Many people don’t know this one, but Double S and me were meant to clash in 2007, when there was a little war season going on. Wiley rang me saying "Max, you want to clash Double S?" I never back down from a good challenge so I obviously said yes. The clash never happened, but I thought in 2009 I was ready to actually clash him and win. It kind of got out of hand because I weren't really feeling the way they dealt with the situation, trying to treat me like some little kid you know!? But I came out of the situation with my ratings up so thanks.

Is the 'beef' squashed?
Yes, with Double S and Shocka anyway, those are the only two I’ve spoken to, not sure about the others.

Would you work with Double S/ Marvell now?
Why not? Hopefully there's no feelings caught on their side, because a lot of people would like to hear a Maxsta and Double S tune, you know. At the minute though, the situations like, I'm saying Double, let's do a tune and he's trying to ignore it. That’s the kind of stuff that gets me in one of my sending moods, thankfully though, we're past that.

Tracks like East London is Back gave you a taste of the interest you’re receiving with support from underground DJ’s as well as 1Xtra and Radio One. How does it make you feel that you’re music is being taken seriously despite you being so young?
It’s a good feeling still, I try not to let any success get to my head and make me think any differently though. I'm on a mission and im not going to let anything distract me, everything that happens is all just part of the plan.

Skadoosh is the first video you’ve been in that has been featured on various music channels throughout the UK, what was the idea behind it?
It was just a good way to promote Dolla Da Dustman and myself, I guess. Ghetts didn’t have to do Skadoosh, you know what I mean? So I'm thankful also for the fact that I got to work with someone who is a legend in my eyes.

What was the reaction in your college/local area? Did you get noticed more?
Yes of course, it's been good and bad still. It made me realise how much support I have, because there’s hardly a day where im walking about, where some one I know or don’t know, doesn’t come up to me saying "I really rate what your doing fam, keep it up" or something like that. On the other hand I've got some wounds to show for it, which is nothing that’s going to distract me from my mission.

You’re 17 right now, around the same age and situation as Chipmunk was 2 and half years ago. How do you feel about Chipmunk?
I'm happy for chipmunk still, it's great to see what people can achieve against all the odds. I knew chip a year or so before the Eskibeat stuff even popped off, so it's good to see how far he's come. It’s a pity he doesn't want to do grime anymore and he seems to treat the whole underground scene like scum, like he didn’t come from here.

Do you think he has sold out?
I remember a bar of his saying "If I get signed I will stick to grime and help out the kids" so it’s mad for him to not stick to his word, good luck to him though. He's sold out but at the same time it’s his choice and no one else's.

Do you feel confident about the future knowing that in 2 years time after putting the work in you could hit the charts? Do you care?
To some extent I care because it’s my future, but I'm happy to let things happen when they happen. I'm not doing anything I don’t want to do, and that, at this precise moment is change my music, if I’m meant to chart I’ll chart doing what I want.

Tell us about what we are to expect from your soon to be released Maxtape.
Feature wise you've got Wiley, Mercston, Dot Rotten, Voltage, Stelf and Shrimpoz.
I've got nothing but great producers like the legendary Terror Danjah, Wearing My Rolex beat making Bless Beats. Roll Deep's Targer and Danny Weed. I'd prefer to let the music talk for itself.

What’s your favorite track off the Maxtape?
Back To Grime, because I love grime so much, it’s an emotional moment on there for me.

How would you describe the feel of the whole mixtape?
I can do it in five words: The start of my reign. I talk about everything that’s relevant to a young, East Londoner like myself. A quote that I always remember, whenever I'm working on a tune is from Dizzee Rascal's Boy In The Corner album - "Mc's better start chatting about what's really happening, because if you're not chatting about what’s happening, where are you living? Where are you talking about?" That’s it in a nutshell.

How does it feel growing up listening to Wiley and Ghetts, now you’re collaborating with them?
It’s a great feeling still, I think about it all the time and sometimes it just feels too good to be true. It’s all just a step on my way to completing the mission.

How are you feeling about the current state of grime?
I feel like it needs people like me and P Money etc who forget the rules and just keep it 100% grimey. Otherwise the next generation is going to want to jump straight on to the pop star bandwagon, you get me!? It's not all good in the grime world right now but hopefully with the help of people, just like yourself, we fly off soon.

Would you agree that grime is divided in away of people who want to go mainstream and people who’re just going with the flow and making good music?
Yeah most definitely, all you have to do is look around you, some of the people in higher up positions just do grime as their thing on the side. If they got into a studio session, with a big producer like Timbaland, grime would be the last thing on their minds. It’s sad but I guess at the same time, some people have to think about their own future. Try to make some money through music as well, but I'm in the position where I can flip the script and be as grimey as a public toilet.

Who do you think fits into the category of wanting to go mainstream and just making good music?
I'd put people like myself, Ghetts, Devlin in the category of just wanting to make good music, no matter what. I'd put Tinchy Stryder and Chipmunk in the mainstream category with Taio Cruz and all the other pop stars.

Are there people who you think are balancing both?
Yes people like Skepta, Wiley, Tinie Tempah and Bless Beats.

What’s next in store for Maxsta fans?
Since I finished my Maxtape CD, I've kind of kicked back, and not recorded much. However, I've been listen to all types of music recently, so I can learn new things to use in my world of grime. I'm currently working and making tracks for my next project, which is basically a pre-album called Alfie G Russell. I don't want to say too much but keep up to date with me through my Myspace and Twitter.

Anything else you’d like to get off your chest?
I'm not arrogant, I don’t think im too big or anything like that, I'm a focused kid with a goal and drive, hopefully everyone will see that soon.

The Maxtape is available to pre order from Uptown Records right now. (Out from 29th March)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Video: Newham Generals featuring Esco - I'm A General

Risky's backkkkkk. This is such a good tune, D Double E flow is wild.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hyper Meets Tinie Tempah

Hyper Meets Tinie Tempah

He came from turning the underground all love obsessed, with his ‘05 smash Wifey, to making the charts Pass Out, all with enough time to put the kettle on. It’s no surprise his temper is literally no where to be seen, with his first single release going straight to Number 1. Laura Brosnan wraps it all up with Tinie Tempah (Originally for MTV.CO.UK)

You’ve achieved so much in the last few months from supporting Chipmunk on tour and more recently landing a number one single with ‘Pass Out’. What’s been the journey to get to this position you’re at today...

It’s been a long strenuous journey from pirate radio stations, to £800 budget videos. The barriers of trying to get it on one video channel, as well as one radio station, which would be the only mediums that would play it. We set up an independent label called Disturbing London because we couldn’t be waiting around for major record labels, so we thought we would just get on with it and try and emulate them. There were times that we were doing gigs for no money and doing gigs with just enough money to make it back to London and 2009 was the year it all came together. We stopped spending money on music videos and pluggers and trying to get ourselves out there and we decided to take it more web-based, building and expanding the fan base on the World Wide Web. That’s when I set up my blog, Milk And Two Sugars, where I would just film myself on a weekly basis to show people the little things I was doing. Showing people the process of becoming an MC and trying to get through them doors. That year I worked with Mr Hudson, Omarian, Jay Sean and M.I.A and it wasn’t until I performed at the 02 Wireless Festival for the second year in a row that the phones just began ringing. I think people had seen the blogs, my previous track record and things have just got ballistic since then. October 2009 I penned the deal with Parlophone.

How does it feel going from a known MC in the underground scene to a relatively unheard of mainstream act and have you had to change?

I've always been open musically; the first track I made was ‘Wifey’. I grew up in an eclectic house where people were listening to all types of different music. I also think being educated, eloquent and knowing how to talk for yourself in the industry makes you go a long way. I don’t think I’ve had to change anything really apart from being more serious and focussed on my drive. One thing I’ve realised is that you get out what you put in and because of that my work rate has increased ten fold.

Do you feel the downfall of many artists when breaking for the mainstream is more their attitude and ego rather than their music? Having the feeling of starting over again, ‘Star In The Hood’ mentality...

I can’t really speak for anybody else; once I penned the deal I totally understood that I was starting a fresh. I thought I might as well make the most of this and use it to my advantage and just be myself. Some people may think, right I’m through the doors, I may have to start a fresh, so let me water down my sound or make my sound caters to what I think people would like. Where as I thought people believe in me enough to sign me and give me a major record deal, so let me just do me. We went to the studio had so much fun and thought to myself I haven’t got nothing to worry about, obviously people like me for who I am and let me just enjoy myself in the booth. That was how Pass Out was made. I don’t really believe because people know me in the grime scene that they must know me in the mainstream, I’m going to have a problem with it. I use that to my advantage and I make sure I do little things, like I shake everyone’s hand in the building, in a room full of people; you never know who you may come across.

tinie performing

What’s it been like touring with Chipmunk?

It’s been amazing, but also huge learning curve because a tour is not the easiest thing. I’ve been performing on new turf and hitting cities that I’ve never been to before and presenting my music to them and getting a great reception back, which has been great. Every city has been so positive. I’ve seen how much effort has to go into a tour, the performance and also how to look after yourself, not just physically, but mentally too.

Chipmunk has achieved so much in the last year taking a number one single spot and a sell out UK Tour. What did you learn from him?

That it’s a lot of hard work and you can’t just do one show and go to bed. You have to do a show, an interview, you’ve got to go straight back on the road to another location, make a track and edit things like footage etc. It’s none stop. I really respect the hustle and work rate of Chipmunk, as well as N-Dubz and Tinchy Stryder.

Wifey cemented you in the underground and now Pass Out has stormed the charts. What was the journey like between these two tracks?

There’s 4 years between them tracks, so from ‘Wifey’ I hooked up with my manager, who’s also my older cousin. He was the typical older brother figure a little bit of money in his pocket with a nice car and nice house. I remember being 16/17 and thinking when I’m 18 I really want to go out clubbing with him, I really want to meet all his friends and see how they get party. He introduced me into the wider world, because when you’re in a school or college system you can be quite sheltered and life is a routine. Once I was out of that we were out there trying to make things happen. We were ringing up people and they were putting down the phone on us, to us having meetings with these huge business people. I had so many desires of where I wanted to be, every time I went into a meeting with an executive or walked into a fresh shiny office I’d think - I’ve come from the gutter and I don’t want to come back to that. It drove me to make myself want to be better, you have to branch out and do more varied stuff. I think a lot of that exciting journey inspired a lot of my lyrics over the past few years. Two weeks ago I was at the Brits talking to Eddie Golding, she handed me her Brit to hold and I had it in my hand like gosh like this could be me soon. Just that experience will inspire me to make crazy and eccentric music.

How do you feel about achieving that number one spot?

I don’t even know, I can’t even tell you. You know what it is; I’ve never even thought about it going to number one, I didn’t really want to jinx it. For a long time this has been in my wildest imagination. Wow, I’m number one. This is the first time I’ve ever been in the whole chart. It’s an achievement for me for it to be in the chart let alone hit the top spot to be honest. Thank you to everyone that supported the track, from my fans to the other artists that have backed it like it was their own track, thank you.

When you got signed to Parlophone you ran a blog competition for fans to join in on the celebrations. What are you going to do now Pass Out is number one?

A girl called Tya from Manchester came down and had tea with me at Claridges. The entire label was there, my friends etc and she was so overwhelmed. She even watched me sign the deal. You all can watch me sign the deal because I filmed it for my blog. I don’t even know what I’m going to do to celebrate the chart entry, but the release of my first single is the most important thing. For people to go out there, support it and spend their money on it is a whole different ball game and I’m very grateful for everybody who went out and did that.

Pass Out is a hip-hop track, so why did you decide to give it that unexpected drum & bass ending?

We tried out so many different things by going in the studio and having fun. It wasn’t like we just put a drum & bass ending on it and then thought, done! We tried out so many things, guitars, reggae bass; we were having so much fun. That track at least took 24 full hours to put together. Me and Labyrinth (who produced the track) both tired, with Red Bulls in hand, were like this track is sick. Labyrinth had two of his stylists in the studio and by the time the track was done they were singing the bass rhythm and the chorus. The drum & bass mix up was a trialled and tested method. Once we put it in there everyone went crazy in the studio and that’s why we thought we would keep it there.

Okay, so what can Tinie Tempah fans expect in the future?

I’m touring with Mr Hudson and N-Dubz as well this year and my album The Discovery will be out in the summer. Its 11 tracks with a few other producers and a few collaborations that were made in the same process that Labyrinth and I made Pass Out. Coming from the underground and coming up to the charts and in to the mainstream world is like a whole new discovery. It’s exciting not to give too much away because I can’t wait for you to be surprised on what you discover.

Stay up to date with Tinie Tempah on Twitter -

A version of this appeared on MTV.CO.UK

Monday, March 08, 2010

Zing Zing Zoom that's how I travel, H corporation live on the channel

This new track Wake Up produced by Scratcha DVA and featuring Black The Ripper is one of my favourites at the moment. Without sounding like a completely geek, I'm a big fan of BTR and have been since Holla Black days. He's went straight in on this tune and it's nice to see him take on this angle of political views, since he's touched upon it lightly on a few other tracks. He reminds me of a London version of Tupac, the whole touch of politics, look at what the system is doing, poetic vibe always hits me in the same way as Tupac does. That hair as well is stunningly soft looking, BTR is anti PAKS, so I hear.


P Money - Slang Like This (Prod By Sukh Knight)

No Comment - P done a lot. (Track from the Dubstep True Tiger Project). P Money's been performing literally everywhere over the last couple months. Last week at The Den (Pictures are being uploaded as we speak) Badness hosted a Nightmare of a dance. P Money was, as always, supported by his ever so grimey DJ JJ. I remember JJ, 3 years back maybe, when he was helping out Scratcha DVA on his morning Rinse FM show, just so he could jump in on a mix for 30mins. Last week he mashed up the whole dance, in a way I've never seen anyone do it in such a long time. He caught the crowd's vibe, dropped some epic Dubstep and Grime, for the smallest of seconds I felt so proud. I bet you're thinking calm down hyper, you're not his mum, but the crowd was a little crazy as well as a mix of crowd types. Still JJ as well as P got them off their feet and saw little and big, black and white (and asian), female and male skank to their hearts content. Book him or I will kill you. safe.


I'm a traditional Londoner when it comes to my soaps, so you won't find me watching Corry or Emerfarmdale, here and there i'll jump on the holly oaks bandwagon, but of course Eastenders is my one true love. With it's over the top drama, especially when each person from the square has at least lenged 1 person down, it's hard to think what stories they could come up with next. There's two issues/events that I thought would NEVER come up: 1) Pat Butcher dating a goat 2) Peggy Mitchell holding a grime night. It seems I may have talked to soon though, with news announced recently that tomorrow (Tuesday 9th March) the Queen Vic will be the venue for the first Walford grime night. I'm hoping to hear Jim do a P.A of Next Pint and Janine DJ'ing with selections of Essentials Jenny, Dizzee's Jezebel and The Streets Remix of Get Out My House. It's such a true reflection of the real east London *rolls eyes*.

Gorillaz - White Flag featuring Kano, Bashy and The Lebanese National

I don't even know if I like this collab or hate it with a passion. The beginning and Ending sounds like they're trekking through the Sahara but when the beat drops, and the bars come, I think it's something that has done us proud. Either way have a look at The Guardians Interview with Bish Bash Bosh and Ka No Please No - HERE. Bashy's in the new SHANK film, I saw it last week, I've learn't my lesson from Adulthood - I won't go into anything - just go see it.
Emeli Sande Featuring Giggs - Never Be Your Woman (Craze & Hoax Remix) (Naughty Boy Presents)

Newham Generals ft Esco - I'm A General (Produced by SKITZ BEATZ)

Newham Generals are always coming with a next madness from day. Great to see them releasing a track with Slew Dem's, sadly deceased but still much loved, Esco. D Double E is a legend. I've been thinking lately how Newham Gen's would of turned out and sounded if Monksta, their third member, had stayed.

Nytz & Young Nate - Break The Chain

Congratulations to Tinie Tempah for going Number 1 with Pass Out - Check out my interview with him in midst of his madness over at - Go here to see footage of when it was announced.
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