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You're soft in the middle like a chocolate eclair


Merky Ace - Eskiboy Freestyle

MERKY ACE - The One's That Didn't Make It [DOWNLOAD]

This guy is definitely one to watch, each promo he's put out, and we're talking nearly as many as I can count on both my hands, has shown progression and more of a defined Merky sound (Which is obviously the idea of promo mixtapes). He's one of my favourite young authentic pioneers of the grime sound. With the attack on his Eskiboy freestyle along with his track Conspiracy, his style & flow at some points remind me of a younger meridian Big H & '05 Skepta. Blue Battlefield is in the works at the moment, as the official mixtape, and will definitely be a shock to the system for a lot of supports who haven't spotted him on the radar yet. So for now enjoy The One's That Didn't Make It and imagine what kind of work did make it, if this was just the 'throw away' material.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Devlin Exclusive - Road Trip, Performances & Mini Freestyle

This is an exclusive to Hyperfrank, everyday a different blog will have their own Devlin exclusive - this was the first [HERE]. This video see's Devlin on his way to various performances this year in London, Milton Keynes and Portsmouth. He also get’s stranded at the end, on route from a booking in Northampton. I'm quite excited to see how his debut album Bud Sweat & Beers turns out. I interviewed him a week or so ago (which will be up very soon) and he said that Island have put no pressure on him with the angle of his music and he's been left to his own accord. Which for us is great, letting him develop on his own without anyone trying to pop wash his music.

For everyone that can't wait for my interview make sure you get involved with the DEVLIN WEB CHAT on Wednesday of this week at 4.30 - [RIGHT HERE]


nasty crew

Hyper - Woooo Riddim

Not only did I think that the Woooo Riddim had retired, after it's constant resurrection, but I also thought Hyper had as well. I was surprised when I heard how hard he goes in, makes me remember how great Nasty Crew were in their prime. Imagine a reunion... even just for one track - it needs to happen! These were the days.... (8.10mins hyper).

What happened when you saw me blud? It was a whole different story blud... If I was you I'd worry, I'll make you move somewhere down Surrey

Maxsta Featuring Kano - East London Is Back Remix (Extra Verse) [Download]

Might of been nice to of jumped on a remix of the beat, but that's the only picky thing I can think of, as it is Kano does goes in hard with that skippy home sweet home flow. I'm really liking all the new material I've been hearing from Kane over the last couple months and even better that he's been watching the scene enough to pick up on this track. Do hear the full non bombed out rip GO HERE. I agree with Kano on this one as well that I'm surprised that Wiley or Ghett's hasn't jumped on to do their own version since it's quite a strong sentimental statement.


B-Live ft Skepta , Trigga & Newham Generals - Modern Warfare 2

I've been bubbling to this for the last week and I'm trying to figure out my favourite feature. I'm stuck between D Double E's verse or Skepta's classic signature flow but then again the way Skepta merges with Footsie's intro is so smooth. I'm biting my nails here people, I'm going to have to go for Double, what do you think?

GASSED Wha gwan with them man they're GASSED About they're sending for Blacks they're GASSED I'll spray man down when I'm feeling GASSED


Logan Sama - P Money & Blacks Mini Set [DOWNLOAD] [YOUTUBE]

Okay it starts off a little like something we've heard before but when they get stuck in along with Logan's selection I really was about to jump in front of a train (sadly for you guys I decided not to), I was that excited. These two back to back are a great combo, this is the type of hype they produce as a standard in their stage sets, so if you haven't seen them live yet you better slap yourself with a knife.

Video: Terminator - Be Patient

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is GRIME!

One of the best nights I've been to in a LONG time. Big up Tim and Barry - Legends.

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Monday, June 21, 2010



I've been going to most of the weekly Wednesday grime madness down at JUST JAM in Dalston. This however is one of the best line ups yet. If you can't make it or are super glued to your bed you can stream it LIVE from DONTWATCHTHAT website.

LINE UP: Check the flyer man are you BLIND!? Woiiiii business.

SoundCheckUK-Flyer-Back-HighRes(2) (1)

PRICE: Tickets £8, On The Door £12, Ladies £5 before 11
LOCATION: Raduno, 85 Charterhouse Street, London - EC1M 6HJ
DAY: Saturday 26th June
LINE UP: Devlin, Griminal, Ghetts, 9 Milli Major and MORE! Epic line up

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

JME - Avalanche 2 OUT NOW!!!

JT 6

Lyrics aren't the only thing that have the Adenuga's up there with the big shot names. JME, as well as brother Skepta, are renowned for their fruityloop loving addiction to laying beats. I got a hold of the Avalanche 2 a few weeks back and it's a must for any MC or grime fan's collection. All them classic beats in the mix and formula BBK track banger's are on this CD. From Shut Yuh Mut, Total Mayhem and African Zulu Warrior to 96 Bars Of Revenge, they all take me back to the classic days. Get your copy right NOW from ITUNES & HMV.

okay den

When Nicki Minaj meets Aisleyne from big brother 7

Friday, June 11, 2010

Video: Maximum, Skepta, JME, Jammer, Ghetts & Frisco - LIVE SHOW - woiiiiii

Footage taken from Astoria, London - 2008 a mini grime set - Haven't seen Ghett's perform in so long, although there's a few events happening in the next coming weeks that everyone should head down to. I'll make sure to blog them in the next couple days, as the line up is Ghett's along with Devlin, Griminal and a whole heap of more talent.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Your loopy lately, could you be crazy? what kind of man calls a rap song oopsy daisy?

[I'm away from my house so I'm disappointed I can't do any photoshop!]

Lowkey warns Chipmunk (Part1 of Chipmunk Vs Lowkey)

I can't even quote Lowkey's bars that go in, just please listen. It will be good to see how Chipmunk replies to this 'warning'. wow. Finally someone has said what a lot of people have been thinking for a while. If you're a little confused of why Lowkey is attacking Chip go HERE.

Hyper meets Maxsta for MyBoxfresh


Read my full interview with Maxsta for Boxfresh... [HERE]

"What do you feel about some of the main pioneer’s involvement in commercial pop? Do you feel it’s giving a message of ‘money over music’ type of mentality to the new younger MC's coming through? Do you feel it’s made grime lack identity, with grime MC's making pop?

Yeah no doubt, the maddest thing is though in the eyes of pop fans, who don’t know anything about grime, grime is pop right now, it’s mad but that’s just the way it is. Before I would have totally just said them man are doing pop, they’re clowns but in the last month or so I’ve seen a lot of new things, met some new people and I kind of understand the whole concept of what’s going on. Some days I feel like, what do I owe grime? What has grime done for me? I look on the forums and I get more hate than love. People who say ‘f#*k stryder and chipmunk’ etc are just narrow minded haters, at the end of the day. You can’t hate on people like Roll Deep, Wiley and Stryder for doing pop, they’ve been here for a while, they’ve set the pace, built up the scene and now they need to go and conquer another world."

Go on have a little look ----->

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Video: Scrufizzer

This guy is a so talented, has he actually quit? or is he back on track? grime needs young guys like him to stand tall and rise through the ranks. His mixtape of some of his work up to now is out already which I've been listening to on repeat for the last week Need to remind myself to blog it, you don't want to miss this free bundle of music.

Fuck these snakes, no honour just slaves to the queen's face


Don Strapzy - Blue Magic [DOWNLOAD]

I've been following Strapzy since SBTV dropped his F64, at the start of the year, which I really rated it was up there with my top 10. I've tried to not view any other opinions on this mixtape (like always) as sometimes it's hard to see through the hype and just appreciate the music, if it's good. I've seen however, people bringing up the usual argument, is his road talk real? Let's push that aside for now and just look at the music, seeing as this is his first release, after hearing some of the key song's my conclusion is - he can make some really decent tracks. All the songs that stood out in my own view were the ones where he was reflecting more on his situation. While also taking on victimized roles that he felt didn't have voices, rather than some of the tracks that were mainly focused on gun crime. From The Heart is a great anthem, a track about the struggle and thoughts of a 19 year old living and growing up within the borders of Lewisham. As well as this, Pushin' let's you into a voice that embodies an angry passion in his tone that is becoming quite rare within UK Rap. Touching upon unheard voices of a single father bring up his daughter in poverty, a girlfriend in prison over hiding her boyfriend's gun for him and their personal struggles in hardcore situations.

Don Strapzy was a Grime MC once upon a time but apparently decided to switch it up to Rap as he felt by slowing down the tempo he could vent out his emotions into more detail and people could understand his picture. Blue Magic does get uplifted with tracks like We Get It In which features Fem Fel and Fiasco Bars, just as much as they get it in on that track Ard In The Booth just proves that the titles speak wonders. Before you hear that vibe and then pre-pigeon hole him turn on Why?

If I'm honest some of the tracks bored me simply because of some of the obvious glamorization of violence, it's something I've heard a million times over. The tracks that took on more of a sense of struggle were when this mixtape turned into a good collection of decent music. There were a few fillers and maybe a couple of collaborations featured that shouldn't of made the final cut. Flow wise, this whole 'She insists she has more class WE KNOW' drake type re-bore style is rushing through the UK Underground scene quicker than a bush fire. Stop it please! and that's to all of you, you're all talented creative people, get it out of your systems.
Download a copy and let me know what you think...

Grime scene saviour

Be careful that the 'cage' of the underground doesn't just flip open and show you the levels.

Chipmunk's the young MC that put the work in and evolved to be a chart topper. Although in the last couple days he's been exchanging boastful cussing matches with a some of the underground underdogs including Wiley. Let's be honest if you saw this 'beef' (I hate to call that it's on twitter for damn sakes) it was pretty much Wiley sending insults Chipmunk's way until he responded. With each throwing, in a nut shell 'I'm bigger than you, no I am, no I am' type, comments. Chipmunk made a surprising clash proposal, although instead of just heading down to Rinse FM or running down to the next dance he upgraded the clash and made the stakes bigger than Wiley had ever seen before: 'Let's do a F64 each, A concert for an hour each, Release an album on the same day (sales on the 1week)... Who ever loses, resigns. Let's be real as exciting as it is, it will never happen. Wiley is Wiley. A lot of talk, a lot of pop.

After the release of Chipmunk's Woooo Riddim last night it didn't take a nun to notice the direct send for Dot Rotten - 'I'm as rotten as rotten but I just dress better' - Rotten was clearly not happy and sent him this 'no your stylist dresses u up like a action man and u take the credit for it.' Dot will definitely make it musical, after all he is a musically creative artist (see I do like dot :) ) In reaction to some of the sending UK Rapper Low Key commented on the situation 'If Dot Rotten doesn't duppy Chipmunk with a riddim, I might have to Baghdad style. Stay humble'

Chipmunk is no stranger to getting hated on but usually it's just pointless 'you got a big head... you sold out' hate. Where and how does making all these big statements and sending for 'underdogs' really aid the underground's level of respect for you? We've all seen the rising and falling of Kano (clearly he's on the uprising again, haven't you heard his new tune!), surely that should be a lesson to swallow your pride and stay humble. These guys have nothing to lose in the bigger picture... but Chipmunk does. He may feel that people are always taking shots at him but surely be a bigger man about it rather than jump on the hottest beat of 2010 and cuss the whole scene & platform that helped you develop into the artist you're now. No matter how much he may hate it the mainstream world see his music as grime and see him as a grime artist and then disrespects grime when he gets an opportunity, it's not a good image at all.

Aside from that Tinchy's just gone into business with Jay Z, so expect more devil signs in videos and baphomet making a cameo in future releases. Nice though, aside from that, to see Tinchy getting some money up in there.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's like they've forgot all the Logan shows, it's like they've forgot F*ck Radio


Chipmunk Version of the Woooo Riddim

Aside from his commercial success, Chip is releasing More Fun mixtape, which is a collaboration with Wretch 32 (and it's free). What was your thoughts of his version? I liked the 'I'm as rotten as rotten but I just dress better'- which no doubt will get a reaction from Dot Rotten - wow... Along with that Woooo Riddim has been made the new official sound for BBC Radio 1's news slot. PRS for S-X is looking nice...


P Money - Come Follow Me

P Money is one of the new pioneers of the grimestep (oh no I said it again) sound merging with the vulgar flow and bars of grime and the dirty sounds of dubstep. He's come exceeding strong this year, just as exceedingly good as Mr Kiplins cakes, and that's damn good. I'm looking forward to the next P Money mixtape as well as OG's Seasons 2. It will be interesting to see how it differs from the first season as several 'key' members like Dot Rotten who dominated a lot of the first release left/got kicked out and N.E sadly passed away.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Digital Outbreak: Tre Mission

Digital Outbreak

As we've seen over the years, grime isn't solely just a traditional London based sound anymore, with fans worldwide. However there has yet to be any artists flying the flag from out of Great Britain. Until this year, where we've heard Japan MC's going in over hardcore homegrown beats and representing across the Atlantic we've had Tre Mission. He's a teenager from Canada's most famous city, Toronto. He's apart of a collective called DSReligion and while he's not flowing hard with his strong North American accent over grime and hip hop beats, he's making them.

Tre Mission going in over Rude Kid's Emergency taken from Are You Ready? [HMV]

When did you first come into contact with the grime sound and what got you excited about it, compared to all the other music that surrounded you?
I first came into cantact with grime around 2007. I was introduced to the genre by my production partner and second half of DSReligion, Rjaye. What got me excited about it was the slang. Right away from listening to Frisco, who was the first grime artist I really took in, I heard so many slang terms that I thought were unique to Toronto outside of Jamaica. When i looked into it deeper I realized that people in the UK talk just like us down here, minus the accent. Once I started listening more, the overall sound of Grime grew on me, and I was impressed with the out of the box approach that the Grime producers have.

Living in Canada, is there others just like yourself or is it still growing?
Yes, there are others like myself here, but not many. In Toronto there is a fair amount of grime fans, and most people whom I introduce to grime are very surprised by what they hear. But overall, the scene is fairly miniscule, and seeing as Grime is essentially a new genre, there is still a lot of time. I think that the main reason that grime hasnt made too much noise outside of the UK, is because North America is not very open minded. They hear the British accent and dismiss the quality. For example, I played various versions of Filthy Riddim for a friend of mine who has never had a chance to really take in Grime. At first he was said "Oh this sounds weird" and then when I played him my version he was like "Wow this beat is dirty!" So that goes to show that the only boundary really holding back Grime is the accent. It's not that the dialect sounds bad, its the listeners inability to accept something outside of the norm.

As a lover of grime and also an artist how do you access grime as well as buy music, is it easy to get hold of?
When it comes to new grime, I really just use the internet. Sites like hyperfrank really help me out because it can be incredibly hard to find Grime in Toronto. I'm not sure about the rest of Canada though because its so big! The main indie record store in Toronto has only two or three grime titles, one of which was a Roll Deep compilation from 03!

It seems that even in our own country barriers have been brought up for the artists just outside London, like the Midlands and Manchester, do you feel that the predominately London scene has embraced you?
I think that the London scene has really embraced me, which surprised me. When I first started posting my music on the Grime Forum I thought everyone was going to say "oh hes copying UK etc", but I received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. In my opinion, the reason that UK has accepted me is because not only do I do Grime and spit Grime flows properly, but I still have my own flow. I'm not just taking Grime flows and trying to recreate them, I have a very creative approach to my music whether it be lyrics, production and I am actually talking sense. My music is not always about my ends or how much people I have ready to back me in the hood, or how much money i spend on clothes, or any other superficial topics; I'm actually saying something, while at the same time making music that is ready to be pushed to the masses.

What's next for Tre Mission?
I'm shooting a video for Under 21 off of my promo and also for When I Come Thru which was produced by Deeco who I believe is the best producer around. Im in the process of servicing Name Tag to North American DJ's and radio stations, and I will be shooting a ready for TV video which will drop most likely in the early Fall (autumn). I will be doing a new and improved mix of the song for the video which will be featured on my upcoming EP. And last but not least I have some collaborations in the works with some UK artists and I think all the fans will be pleasantly surprised!

Shout out to Nathan because without him, everything I do would have been behind schedule and the promo wouldnt be nearly as hard, nor would i be recieving the attention now. I will always remember people like Nathan, Nick Blunt, and Hyperfrank who supported me from the beginning.

Tre Mission's - DON'T THINK - [Download]

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Next Week Grime Fix


Club Night: Bust-A-Nut
Venue: In the basement at - Drop East, 54 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT
Type of music: Grime, House, Bashment, RnB
Price: BEFORE 10PM - £3 ON Guestlist - £5 IF NOT.
Guestlist: Email - OR attend on Facebook


Club Night: Chockablock
Venue: EGG, Kings Cross
Price: £7 on guestlist email your names to

Video: Hydro

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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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