Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't take offence like a thief in the garden, you just can't mimic me, lyrically, I can't be explained scientifically

Devlin - Jim Laden freestyle (Produced by Lewi White)

After the success of his debut album, Devlin is back to deliver a classic haunted grime freestyle just to prove he can give us exactly what we want. Flowing on a Lewi White production he slaughters every bar with pure venom and shows that even though he's had some mainstream love, his hearts in the underground. I love it when Devlin jumps on this type of vibe. More more more please.

No Lay (Ft Ms Dynamite) - Drugs - Produced by A-D

I was completely caught off guard with this, although she may have dropped a few tracks & projects here and there, nothing stood out for me. This new No Lay however, is the right direction I'd love to see her go in, with a UK edge, good production and with a good feature/sample. No Lay is incredibly talented, there is no arguing that, but sometimes I feel she gets caught up with trying to prove herself too much as lyrical strong, when everyone rates her on that level already. Rather than that she should focus on making a great song, this isn't just for her though, this can be said for a lot of people. This is definitely back on the Unorthodox Daughter route that I always loved from her. Can't wait to hear what else she has up her sleeve.

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