Sunday, April 03, 2011

Durrty Goodz - Volume Control Edition 3


With the excitement around Goodz dropping his Overall album on the first week of May, as well as his controversial Battle Hype, I'm very happy to say we have another exclusive edition of Volume Control and with the grime veteran himself. Red Alert features Durrty Goodz and Scarz, an up and coming MC from East London, going up against Royal T's exclusive Orangeade VIP (Original Buy HERE. Durrty Goodz, previously known as Doogz, has always been one of my favourite MC's not just because of his versatile flows and experimental choice of beats, but because even though he's had some serious set backs he's kept on representing and releasing quality music.

For everyone who wants to be in the know, all of the tracks from VC Series 1 will be released on an EP. Which will be released after Episode 5. If you've come across any youtube rips, that have been floating about, ignore them I used unmixed down version on the videos just so anyone that did rip them would eventually lose their hearing in due course.

If you like the tune, request it to your favourite DJ, Watch it, Spread and Share it. Thanks for supporting.

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