Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Get f*cked from the back screaming LALALA, I f*cked 6 man on the camera, don't give fuck, my mum knows so why you telling her?

At first my reaction was 'Why is this girl exposing her whole disgusting life to the world through basic flow and rhymes?', then I saw the reactions of everyone else. Most men were surprisingly excited like they were a geeky school kid, getting his first sneaky peak of a nipple, while most woman seemed shocked. Thinking about it, what is so shocking about a young girl talking like this? As 85% of Hip hop rappers and Grime MC's describe woman, as well as their own sex lives, in pretty much the same explicit detail. So is it acceptable for most men to talk about this, and take part in, but not for woman?

The other issue is, OG Niki is 17 years old, there's just a few things wrong with hearing them lyrics and then associating them with someone so young. Then again, saying them and then seeing these extremely revealing 'sex tape' like videos, that are going around of her all over the net, makes it all a bit too real. Surely if she does want to spit and she is just a dirty little sket, then she is just reflecting who she really is in her music. Before hearing this I thought she was probably trying a smart little hype move, but after, she just seemed like a lyrical Kat Stacks who just wants her 15mins in the spot light. She's extremely brave but has she thought about the long time effects this could have?

Is this just a reflection of how eager young people are to get known? Or how gullible we're for a young girl to drop a few insightful explicit lyrics, then for us to be dropping at her knees to talk about her and make her blow?

Over in the states they have had a lot of woman make their break with this whole 'suck it, f*ck it, I'm a rap bitch' angle, but we've yet (apart from Shimmer), till today, to have a female lyricist step up and drop it like that. If I'm honest I preferred how it was before, where woman who rapped had respect for themselves and didn't use their private shenanigans to get a little hype.

Whatever your view of the subject matter, there's one thing you can not deny, she's literally went from nobody to somebody in the space of 24hours. She's the 2011 Shardinay. I'm a bit worried, that even though I'm fully aware that this young promiscuous culture has been thriving for decades now, this might trigger more young female MC's to think it's acceptable to expose themselves in this manner just to get a quick hype (Remember Rochelle Sket Diaries). Let's be honest, if she wasn't talking about sex would anyone care? Will we care in a few weeks time when the gimmick shock has worn off?


  1. LooooL. Large Up HyperFrank for blogging This! HaHaHa

  2. Anonymous11:20 AM

    sigh... our own lil english kat stacks.... *sipstea*

  3. "this might trigger more young female MC's to think it's acceptable to expose themselves in this manner just to get a quick hype"

    Not acceptable - but the worry is they will feel it necessary - in a time when female mcs have been making real movements...

  4. Anonymous9:28 AM


  5. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I definitely would, but I'd wear two rubbers.

  6. Stuff like that isn't even worth it.

  7. Anonymous10:04 PM

    *Sigh* I want to be famous now but I'm only 15 but atleast my aim is to bring back the old soulful songs. because honestly, I hate the music today. It's ALL ABOUT SEX and don't point any ideas besides sex. Gosh

  8. uh-huhh well said


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