Monday, April 18, 2011

I does this on my jack jones you see my tunes are my backbone MC's wanna jump on a tune but like Gamu I'm ah send a man back home

Brotherhood Feat. Dot Rotten - On Our Own

The Brotherhood duo, Blaze (24) and Menace, was shown to me by Dot himself earlier on last year. Both from Ipswich, these two brothers have seriously got something that stands out from the rest. Menace, the youngest, seriously reminds me of a young Ice Kid. I'm really excited to see what their I'm Real Like Dat EP sounds like, which drops on the 1st May, hard melodies and sharp skippy flows I hope.

Lil Nasty - Fireworks

This beat is a BEAST, who produced it? Nasty completely goes in on this, I'm definitely starting to appreciate Lil Nasty as an individual rather than just being apart of a collective. Rock and Rolla 2 is about to drop very soon but for now download the first EP for free HERE.

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