Monday, June 13, 2011

Hyper Meets Kreayshawn

Hyper Meets Kreayshawn

America’s latest export, Kreayshawn, has had the online world going crazy for her recently. With her dubstep-influenced hip-hop sound and catchy hooks, this Oakland-born rapper has become everyone’s secret guilty pleasure overnight. In her first UK interview, Kreayshawn talks to The Wrap Up’s Laura Brosnan about her love for music, fashion, tattoos and, erm, weed...

You’ve been called 'the white Gucci Mane', 'the American Lady Sovereign' and 'the rap Lady GaGa.' What other comparisons have you had and what would you say is the most random/weirdest?

Kreayshawn: The most random has to be a white version of Gucci Mane, but people are always, and I mean always, saying that I’m the female Lil B. When it comes to comparisons, I don’t really care. Comparing me to anything or anyone isn’t really much of a compliment; it’s just trying to make sense of something you don’t know what to call or where to place, just yet.

For the Full Interview go over to MTV here.

Kreayshawn also randomly dropped me a big up on another interview which you can see here.

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